Arma 3 Charity Bundle Results

Dear community,

On March 2nd, we released a Charity Bundle featuring Arma 3 and Laws of War DLC.

This DLC was chosen as a reminder to adhere to the rules of war through the introduction of the principles of International Humanitarian Law (IHL). This includes the prevention of threats to civilian lives and infrastructure and the protection of humanitarian actions.

The Charity Bundle was initially scheduled to be available for two weeks. However, after those two weeks, we decided to extend the fundraiser period by another week, until the 23rd of March, so we could help even more.

In three weeks, with the help and support of our community, we managed to raise an incredible $38,612 through the Charity Bundle. All of the net revenue will be sent to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for the support of people affected by the war in Ukraine.

If you were unable to buy the bundle in time, and would still like to offer support, you can donate directly at

We would like to thank our community and everyone who bought the Charity Bundle!

We greatly appreciate your support and hope the war will have a peaceful resolution soon.

Published on by Bohemia Interactive