ARMA Updated To Version 1.14

A major new update for the latest military PC game ARMA by Bohemia Interactive has been released. With a handful of improvements and bug fixes, the ARMA update to version 1.14 also includes a unique new multiplayer mode called WARFARE .

ARMA has come a very long way since the original release one year ago. Here at Bohemia Interactive we've always provided ongoing support for our games but this free update is a truly significant milestone. In terms of stability, performance and gameplay, ARMA is now a distinctly superior game to the initial release. (Marek Spanel, Bohemia Interactive)

{rokzoom album=|Arma114| title=|ARMA WARFARE - Update 1.14|}assets/legacy/images/stories/games/arma114/ARMA_v114warfare_04.jpg{/rokzoom} {rokzoom album=|Arma114| title=|ARMA WARFARE - Update 1.14|}assets/legacy/images/stories/games/arma114/ARMA_v114warfare_05.jpg{/rokzoom}

* Now also available as ARMA: Gold , containing fully updated version 1.08 including the official expansion pack Queen's Gambit .

Arma 2 Vegetation progress 2


So what's the progress since the last blog entry?

All generated vegetation is nearly done, after we totally reworked the scripts for conifer trees for better results. There will just be a final color tuning on the vegetation. You can see some ingame screenshots showing how it looks now. There are some small issues with multiplication of sections when trees are blended, problem is in some trunk lightmaps that are not shared through LODs, something easy to fix. But the main focus is now on special vegetation LODs. We also found problems with LOD switching on bushes, because LODs were too different, we reworked the algorithm for choosing representative polyplanes and made this algorithm more controllable and flexible, there was also another bug, Linda never inspected the whole branch when finding topology similarity- this was fixed. This bug was not specific just for bushes, but bushes as more chaotic structures then trees, were much more affected by this problem.

Community Blog Interview No2: Jerry Hopper

Congratulations Alexandra!

Firstly I’d like to clarify that unfortunately for personal reasons (boring stuff like getting married, honeymooning, moving to a new country etc!) Alex Biesse was unable to complete her interview, which of course happens sometimes. So Alex, bon voyage and congratulations on the marriage!

The man who broke a thousand hair brushes.

Now, to ease the disappointment of not being able to discover the inner workings of a fine French woman, I bring to you, a somewhat fine Dutch man! That’s right, the 2nd ever interviewee (eventually!) becomes Jerry Hopper of the flat country known as The Netherlands (or Holland as some know it best).