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Take On Mars procures Workbench update

Prague, Czech Republic, Tuesday 11th February 2014

Launching together with a brand new website, Bohemia Interactive’s (early access) sim game Take On™ Mars today received a major update. The update, codenamed ‘Workbench’, adds multiple features for mod makers, and several new crater locations to explore.

With the release of the Workbench update, Take On Mars now fully supports Total Conversions and Mods. This means the game now deals with additional content in a modular fashion, which makes it possible to completely replace all content in the game (scripts, functionality, locations, everything) with your own – making Take On Mars the sandbox platform to build upon.

Another feature is the special TKOM Loader, which allows people to extract all game data to a directory for mod making, and use the developer executable. Using this launcher provides shortcuts to the FBX to TXO exporter, the in-house Workbench editing suite, 2 bonus games, and importantly, it allows enabling/disabling of addons/mods/total conversion per profile.

Furthermore, as is implied by the name of the update, Take On Mars’ Workbench editing suite has been replaced with a newer version. This latest edition of Workbench is tailored specifically for mod makers, and gives them full access to all of the tools used to make Take On Mars, from crater locations to particle effects.

Last but certainly not least, explorers will be pleased to hear that the Workbench update comes with several new crater locations, including the North and South polar caps, an improved version of the Lyot Crater, and the work-in-progress Isidis Planitia.

More information about Take On Mars is available on mars.takeonthegame.com. To enlist as a Rover operator, you can purchase the Early Access version of Take On Mars for the reduced price of 13.99 EUR/ 17.99 USD/ 11.99 GBP on Steam and Store.bistudio.com.

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About Take On Mars

In Take On Mars, people have the opportunity to enlist as a Rover Operator and explore real-life locations on Mars. With a scientific arsenal of fully simulated mobile Rovers and stationary landers at your disposal, players set out to complete numerous science objectives and missions, unlocking the secrets of Mars' distant past. More information about Take On Mars is available at mars.takeonthegame.com.

About Bohemia Interactive

Established in 1999 in Prague, Czech Republic, Bohemia Interactive is an independent game development studio which is primarily known for its award-winning mil-sim Arma series, starting with Arma: Cold War Assault. Published in 2001, this debut title became the no. 1 bestselling PC game around the world and has won many international awards. The hugely successful series was followed by Arma 1 and Arma 2 on PC as well as Arma 2: Firing Range on mobile devices, before a standalone PC expansion Operation Arrowhead was released, as well as three DLC which greatly added to the series. Bohemia Interactive is also the developer of Take On Helicopters, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission and the recently released Arma Tactics – a turn-based strategy game for Android, iOS, PC, Linux and Mac. In addition to their support for Arma 3, Bohemia Interactive is currently working on Take On Mars (currently available as an Early Access title on Steam) and the standalone version of DayZ. More information about Bohemia Interactive is available at www.bistudio.com.