ARMA II - new video update released!

Players drawn into the heat of battle between Chernarus defence forces and pro-russian separatists.

Milton Keynes, February 13th – IDEA Games and Bohemia Interactive are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of the latest video update for military simulation project ARMA II. The 3rd video from the planned series of updates will be declassified today evening for immediate analysis at

International Conflicts:

Whether read about in
newspaper articles or viewed in “real-time HD Pro Dolby Stereo direct
from the battlefield”; the huge and mostly brutal impact on a civilian
population is clear to see. The 3rd video from the series of planned
updates on the ARMA II homepage introduces the Pro-Russian separatist
“Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star” (aka “ChDKZ”) party and its
compulsive need to control people, specifically their aim to
destabilize the situation in Chernarus and to gain direct and absolute
control of its “own” province.

Their will for power is being
continuously thwarted by Chernarussian Defensive Forces. Each battle,
each piece of land gained or lost, is paid for by the lives of soldiers
and especially by an unfortunate civilian population with nowhere else
to go. Analyze the situation and explore the background of this
forthcoming conflict which will decide the future of Chernarus, a
country chained to the threat of an upcoming civil war.

ARMA II will be
available across Europe in 2009.

Media Contacts:

IDEA Games

Michal Harangozo


Tel: +420 257 189 564

Bohemia Interactive

Jan Prazak


Tel: +420 318 581 368 

About ARMA2

ARMA 2 is set in a near future, year 2009, in a fictional state
of Chernarus, a post-Soviet country where civil war raged for over 2
painful years. As a leader of USMC Force Recon team, you are sent with
your squad to prevent further civilian casualties and ensure ongoing
stability in Chernarus.
ARMA 2 is based on the latest generation technology, offering
a large-scale game world, authentic and extremely detailed modern
units, weapons, vehicles and environments, challenging single player
and a vast array of multiplayer options. I YouTube profile : ARMA2offical

ARMA 2, developed by Bohemia Interactive, will be available across Europe in 2009

About IDEA Games

IDEA Games is an Independent Developers Association, founded by three
computer game development studios: ALTAR games, Black Element Software
and Bohemia Interactive Studio. Along with their own developement it
supports other gifted teams to make their projects real. I YouTube profile: ideagames I MySpace profile: IdeaGames

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About Bohemia Interactive

Established in 1999 in Prague, Czech Republic, Bohemia Interactive
is an independent game development studio that focuses on developing
original state of the art computer entertainment and simulation
software, including the research of proprietary advanced real-time 3D
graphics, artificial intelligence and physical simulation technologies
for real-time interactive environments.

Operation Flashpoint, Bohemia Interactive's debut game published
by Codemasters in 2001, became the No. 1 bestselling PC game around the
world and has won many international awards, including “Game of The
Year” and “Best Action Game.” Over 2 million copies of Operation Flashpoint have been sold since its release. Bohemia Interactive’s second major release, ArmA: Armed Assault, followed in 2007 and sold over 400,000 copies on PC through various local publishing partners.

The research and development team of Bohemia Interactive has more than
50 experienced developers at studios in the Czech Republic and
Australia. Bohemia Interactive won the Best PC Game Developer award for 2001 at London’s ECTS exhibition and Rookie Studio of the Year award at GDC 2002.

"Operation Flashpoint"™ is a trademark of Codemasters.

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