Arma Reforger – 1.0 Release

Arma Reforger 1.0 is officially here!

With the completion of the features in the Ground Support Milestone, the addition of helicopters, and the total overhaul of the supply system, the core Arma Reforger feature set is now live.

1.0 encompasses the essence of Arma Reforger's gameplay: it's complex, it's fun to play, and the technical state has reached a level that we consider ready to leave Early Access. This is by no means the end of the game's development, and our team is working tirelessly to fulfill the plans according to the project's Roadmap.

Here are some of the key features in 1.0:


Introducing the UH-1H and Mi-8MT: two iconic helicopters that have been meticulously recreated in Arma Reforger. Developed at nearly the same time, these versatile aircraft will help you transport troops and supplies to gain an advantage over the enemy.

With functional instrument clusters and controls, simulated suspension, new rotor animations, and an all-new flight model, the Arma Reforger helicopter flight experience is the most realistic of any Arma installment to date!


We've completely overhauled supplies in 1.0 to create a more in-depth and engaging logistics system that underlies the whole game. Whereas before, supplies were more of a general "point system," now supplies exist as physical assets, distributed across both islands. They can be loaded into any vehicle and used for a wide range of purposes. Build support structures and fortifications, refuel and repair vehicles, and keep your bases stocked with supplies to strategically expand your foothold on the island.

Along with the new system, we've completely overhauled the arsenal module and added new support structures, such as light and heavy vehicle maintenance points, fuel supply points, helipads, and more!

Transport Requests:

If you've ever been separated from your squad and gotten lost, wandering aimlessly across Everon or Arland, then you'll be very happy to hear that you can now request transport to various locations! Pinpoint your own coordinates and transport yourself instantly to the vicinity of your squad leader or your squad's assigned objective. Of course, there are limitations to how often you can request transport and under what conditions, but we feel the current implementation is a fair and intuitive way to help you stick with your team throughout the match.

New Assets:

  • Wrench & Repair Trucks – Along with the new supply system, you can now repair damaged vehicles. Don't abandon that BTR, just equip a wrench from an arsenal and patch it up on the battlefield! Please note that you can only fix critical damage with a wrench on the battlefield, and it costs supplies. In order to fully repair vehicles, you'll need to be near a heavy vehicle maintenance point or repair truck that is stocked with supplies. Repair trucks can be spawned at bases with heavy vehicle maintenance points.
  • Fuel Supply Points, Trucks, & Containers – Refuel Vehicles at bases with the new fuel supply points, or on the battlefield with fuel trucks and containers. Fuel trucks can be found around the islands or spawned at heavy vehicle maintenance points, and fuel containers can be equipped at any arsenal.
  • Shovels – Building support structures at bases is no longer just a matter of placing them. Now, you'll need to equip a shovel and build the structures you've placed.
  • Med Kits – Now, playing as a medic has been taken to the next level. Equip yourself with a med kit and roam the islands supporting your team.
  • Resupply Packs – Similar to the med kit, the resupply kit can be used to resupply your team with ammo and explosives on the go. Please note that you must be in the vicinity of supplies to be able to equip items from the resupply pack.
  • 6B3 Vest – The Soviet faction has received a major ballistic protection upgrade in the form of the 6B3 vest. This heavy-duty piece of gear provides more protection than other vests in the game, but due to its bulkiness, won't allow you to wear a chest rig if you've got it equipped. But don't worry, you can still throw a few magazines, grenades, or other items into the vest itself, so it's not a huge tradeoff for the additional protection.
  • Civilian Vehicles – Scattered across both islands you'll now find civilian versions of Soviet vehicles that you can hop into to get from A to B and transport troops and supplies.

And much more...

1.0 includes a slew of other changes, optimizations, bug fixes, and improvements. To see everything that's changed, you can view the full changelog here.

We would again like to thank you, our community, for your continued support, loyalty, feedback, and creativity. We hope you enjoy all of the new features in 1.0, and we can't wait to see how combat unfolds on the battlefield!

Published on by Bohemia Interactive & Arma Reforger team