Arma Reforger 1.1 Update: Resistance Ops

Welcome to the Resistance, Soldiers!

We're proud to release the Arma Reforger 1.1 Update: Resistance Ops. This major update introduces new playable content, civilian clothing, weapons and optics, vehicles, and more. It also includes a multitude of fixes and improvements. Players can now play as the guerilla resistance faction and collaborate together to liberate the island in a new scenario called Combat Ops: Everon.

Combat Ops: Everon

On the island of Everon, the local resistance has been beaten into submission by the invading Soviet forces - but they will not accept defeat sitting down.

In this game mode, join the FIA and collaborate with up to 5 friends to liberate the island of Everon. Players can battle it out against improved AI in a dynamic scenario that offers a different experience every time. Raid camps, destroy objectives, seize arms, and break the enemy's stranglehold on the island.

New Weapons

All three factions have received new weapons, reworked models, and upgraded weapon variants. Introducing the all-new US M16A2 Carbine, enhanced optics for both US and Soviet factions, and an expanded arsenal for the FIA, which now includes the UK-59L machine gun, NSV turret, and even an armed UAZ.

Civilian Assets

The FIA now has a selection of civilian clothing to help conceal themselves and build their guerilla resistance. Join their cause and cruise around the islands in style with the Šárka S1203 and S105, two civilian vehicles based on popular Czech automobiles from the 80's.

AI Improvements

This update has introduced two crucial improvements to AI behavior making non-human players more formidable adversaries on the battlefield. They now demonstrate improved tactics like seeking cover from fire and employing smoke grenades when aiding downed comrades. These new behaviors are very noticeable in-game, and we think you will find your AI opponents (and teammates) to be much more effective combatants.

Lighting Improvements

Lighting both indoors and out has been significantly improved. Overall, the lighting is more vibrant, which is especially noticeable during the picturesque sunrises and sunsets of Arland and Everon. New clouds with more authentic and variable shapes cast more explicit shadows in cloudy weather. In addition, the lighting coming into buildings from the outside is more explicit, and foliage obstructs sunlight much more naturally, even from a distance.

Gameplay Improvements

A plethora of new fixes, tweaks, and enhancements have been integrated. Below are some key improvements aimed at boosting your gameplay experience:

  • Radios must now be deployed to spawn on them - This limitation requires you to deploy radio backpacks to prepare for offensive maneuvers strategically.
  • Fast travel is now limited to deployed radios - While it used to be fun to teleport across the map at will, the previous implementation of fast travel detracted from the game's realism and immersion. Now, strategically deploying radios is crucial.
  • Living quarters can only spawn a set number of AI - "Living quarter spam" is no longer an issue as the number of AI per base is now limited. Not to mention, spawning AI costs a decent amount of supplies.
  • Spawning at bases under attack takes longer - Defenders can no longer quickly and repeatedly spawn in to a base being captured, which previously gave them an unfair advantage and made capturing bases extremely difficult.
  • Supplies spawn more slowly and are capped at lower amounts in bases - Logistics is more important than ever, and if your team isn't running supplies, you will find it even more difficult to gain an advantage and hold your points.

We hope you enjoy the latest update to Arma Reforger. Please read the full changelog below for a detailed breakdown of all the new additions, changes, and tweaks.

Visit our Dev Hub to read about Known Issues. You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker.

Published on by Bohemia Interactive & Arma Reforger team