Bohemia in 2018

2017 was a busy year here at Bohemia Interactive. Across seven studios in four countries, our teams have been hard at work on projects still in development, supporting our existing titles, and making plans for future games. However, we know that - as Bohemia's grown - it can be tough to know just what we're working on, and where our priorities lie.

With that in mind, we'd like to offer up a brief retrospective of our work. Beyond that, we'd like to share a broader look at what's going on, too: our people, our passions, and our plans for the future! After all, 2018's lined up to be yet another big year for Bohemia.

We also thought it could be interesting to share a wee bit of info about how our company is structured. We now have 7 studios around the world (with 4 in the Czech Republic), and a smörgåsbord of different nationalities (although, for now, only 0.6% Swedish colleagues!). So, check out the infographics below (and consider if you can come and add to our demographics via our careers portal!):

Which is all to say: we've grown a lot. Along the way – in between learning how to collaborate across projects using very different tech, or simply working out how to best get along with each other when we're hundreds of miles apart – we've experienced our fair share of growing pains, too. But we're reaching the point where we can really start pulling together.

Central to that effort will be the unification of our teams on one platform: our new engine, Enfusion. But we're not quite there yet. Our flagship titles (Arma, DayZ, Ylands) all use different technology. So, when we say 'slowly but surely', we really mean it: basic architecture that will shape the way we develop for years to come.

Big plans for the future are one thing, then, but, in the meantime, we intend to keep our focus on delivering existing projects – and keep releasing games. With that in mind, some of the new projects lined up in 2018 may not use Enfusion. While other projects may differ a bit from what we've tried before, as we continue to experiment, learn, and even take some creative risks.

But in our big Bohemian family, risks and opportunities, successes and failures are shared. Sometimes we can even forget that ourselves! Ultimately, of course, it's you, our community, that will play – and, we trust, enjoy, and even build upon – our games. So, we hope it's helpful to get a sense of where we've come from, and where we're heading next.

On Behalf of Bohemia,
Jay Crowe, Creative Director

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