Bohemia Interactive logo receives a facelift

To start off the new year looking fresh, we've given the current Bohemia Interactive logo a small facelift!

You'll find that the logo now looks a bit more modern overall, but very much maintains its established recognizable look. In comparison to the original version, the primary change is that we've made some of the lines thicker to address some previous technical print-related shortcomings. Also, the logo in its entirety has become a bit more narrow so it fits better in various positions.

We're currently in the process of updating the Bohemia Interactive logo on social media, websites, and various other places. And of course we'll only be using this version of our logo from now on.

If you ever need Bohemia Interactive's up-to-date logo image files, you can download them in high resolution here.

Bohemia, out.

Published on by Bohemia Interactive