Bohemia Recap – February 2024

Winter is starting to loosen its grip, which means life is heating up here at Bohemia.

Arma 3 reprinted its iconic Tactical Guide, while Arma Reforger added two minor updates and two experimental updates, paving the way for some exciting additions coming soon.

Speaking of updates, DayZ released “Clean Sweep Update” 1.24, Vigor released update 18.0 – otherwise known as Vigor Chronicles: Isolation, and Ylands dropped update 2.2 on its community, which is already raving about the update’s new main feature. Not to be outdone, Silica introduced Hover Bikes, as well as new life emerging from the depths of Baltarus.

All that and a whole bunch more is waiting for you in this latest edition of the Bohemia Recap!


Update 1.24, dubbed the Clean Sweep Update, is now live on our official servers. This comprehensive update brings optimization efforts to vegetation and gunplay, along with quality-of-life changes. Additionally, players can now enjoy a brand new rifle and an array of new ballistic helmets. Our release article also contains a section that details our plans for 2024.

Love was in the air during our Valentine’s DayZ event. We introduced a special bolt for the crossbow that shot out hearts and healed its target, which added a seasonal touch to the game.

We've made it a custom to release an update around Valentine’s Day. Last year, we unveiled the Murderous Mime couple, along with that release’s teaser. If you're curious about what happens next in their lore, don't miss out on the sequel, which is now available on our TikTok.

We also hosted a Valentine’s Day competition on our Twitter and Facebook that was open to couples and singles. We set aside three of our exclusive anniversary bomber jackets to spread some love. Couples were invited to share why their special others deserved a jacket, which resulted in some heartwarming responses. Meanwhile, our single participants were tasked with providing DayZ-inspired pickup lines. Here are the winning responses:

Our humble DayZ YouTube channel just reached 100k followers! We received a fancy plaque from YouTube celebrating this incredible milestone.

Arma Reforger

We released our first instalment of the Arma Reforger Resources video series in collaboration with community legend Ironbeard. The Quickstart Guide for Arma Reforger gives new players a complete overview of Arma Reforger's different game modes and modding capabilities, and will soon be followed by additional resources for novices and veterans alike.

Leading up to the next major update, Arma Reforger received two minor updates and two experimental updates. The minor updates were focused on improving performance and stability to the main app, while the experimental updates gave players a chance to try upcoming features.

Our community also caught a sneak peek into the future of Arma Reforger in our latest Dev Report. It shared several in-depth features on exciting upcoming AI improvements, while modders were equipped with resources to gear up for the next major update in the form of two modding updates to the Damage System and Entity-Class Changes.

Next month is shaping up to be a big one for Arma Reforger, so stay tuned!

Arma 3

The Arma 3 Live Stream series continued in February, with Community Manager Justin LeClair diving into more community-created single-player scenarios. This series is just getting warmed up, and we're always looking for community recommendations on great mods and scenarios to try, so tune in next time and let us know what your favorites are!

The iconic Arma 3 Tactical Guide has been reprinted and finally hit the shelves last month. Pick up your copy today for a comprehensive compendium of tactical knowledge to help you dominate the battlefield.

And finally, if you're just getting started with Arma 3, you'll be happy to hear that we've published a guide on how to find an Arma 3 unit in 2024. The multiplayer aspect of Arma 3 is a vast and diverse landscape of various communities, playstyles, and mods. This guide should give you a head start in finding your way.


February saw the release of update 18.0, Vigor Chronicles: Isolation. The update offers a bunch of new additions, including smoke grenades, the new M14 Assault Rifle, an improved melee combat system, new map Eikevjen in Shootout Mode, and Battle Pass Chronicles: Isolation. Check out our Dev Diary stream and trailer below to learn more about this exciting new season.

In other news, we held a Booster Apocalypse right after the new season launched, and offered cool and cheesy pizza-themed cosmetics on World Pizza Day.

We also celebrated Valentine's Day with love-themed cosmetics, delivered Double XP Days on the weekend due to popular demand, and opened up nominations for our first ever Golden Tommy Awards!

Rounding out the month, we released update 18.1, which focused mainly on fixes and improvements, and wrapped February up with a great talk courtesy of our designer Filip Daňhel. Anyone with even a passing interest in game design will definitely want to give this podcast a listen.


We released update 2.2 and were thrilled by all the praise it received. It seems that our awesome community really likes the update’s main feature – the Tech Tree. There were even a bunch of Ylanders competing with their favorite Tech Tree node on our Discord in an effort to win a Cyborg costume. Come and join us there for more fun activities!

We also enjoyed a wonderful Valentine’s Day with everyone, though the festive occasion wasn’t just full of love, roses, and chocolates. It even featured a lovely fox levitating on a snowboard. Bet you didn’t see that coming!


We released a new update in February, which introduced Hover Bikes to the game, as well as a number of fixes and changes. If you’d like to learn all about it, you can find the patch notes here.

As you can tell from the video below, the vast dunes of Baltarus just got more dangerous, thanks to new life emerging from its depths. Download the latest update and experience a close encounter of the worm kind!

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This time around, we’re offering our cool New Motives Patches at 30% off their regular price. As with all sales, this is a limited time offer. So make sure you check out our store today and save yourself a bundle!

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