Bohemia Recap – March 2024

March was the month of Easter celebrations in many parts of the world. It was also the month of new releases here at Bohemia.

DayZ announced the official release of community items on Steam. Meanwhile, Arma Reforger dropped its Resistance Ops Update, which features new weapons and a brand new PvE game mode. Not to be outdone, Arma 3 released its highly-anticipated Reaction Forces CDLC.

But wait, there’s more!

Eggsplosive Easter cosmetics arrived in Vigor’s Outlands, Silica’s latest update includes a new vehicle and visual effects, and the beautiful music found in Ylands can now be heard at your leisure, thanks to the official release of Ylands Original Soundtrack.

There’s plenty to get to as you can see, so let’s dive in to the latest Bohemia Recap!


DayZ Steam Community Items

We announced the official release of DayZ community items on Steam! These items include backgrounds, emoticons, badges, and trading cards, which allow players to customize their Steam profiles with DayZ’s iconic survival aesthetic. All the items adhere to the game’s lore and reflect common experiences and gameplay loops that players can easily identify with. This initiative is meant to expand the brand while addressing areas that required attention. We also intend to create premium items which will be available in the future. You can learn all about it here.

Rust/DayZ Pioneer Bundle

We partnered with Rust for the Pioneer Survival Bundle on Steam. Both games are often mentioned in the same breath and share a mutual player base of passionate survivors. It’s a natural coming together of two great games, and we hope to collaborate more in the future.

Knit’s Island DayZ Documentary

'Knit's Island' participated in this year’s One World Film Festival. It’s a documentary that was created entirely within the DayZ world, and offers a gentle and profound exploration of DayZ and its community. Our producer, Tim, proudly represented the game alongside the documentary's creators during the panel discussion. You can find the trailer for the film here and a photo of the team at the event below.

Community Spotlight

From feature-length TV shows to the ambitious recreation of major cities as a DayZ map, this month’s Community Spotlight needs to be seen to be believed.

Social Media Update

We’re continuing to grow our presence on TikTok. You can expect to find a range of content there, like funny moments and mock commercials.

Arma Reforger

March saw the release of the Arma Reforger 1.1: Resistance Ops Update. The update offers all new weapons, optics, and civilian clothing, as well as a brand new PvE game mode! Now players can join the FIA resistance and liberate the island in Combat Ops Everon from the occupiers. It won't be easy against the improved in-game AI, as they can take cover and throw smoke to heal their comrades. The 1.1 update also introduced new lighting and gameplay improvements, and has been overwhelmingly well received.

In other news, we published two new Arma Reforger Resources to help platoons of new recruits get oriented. The first comes care of Senior Community Manager Nillers, who demonstrates the ins and outs of the Conflict game mode in his comprehensive Conflict Overview.

Senior Technical Designer Emre Bugday also created an in-depth tutorial. His shows the steps you need to take in order to create your own custom scenario for you and your friends to play.

Wrapping things up, we put together a EULA FAQ for modders and community content creators, which clarifies a few common points of confusion regarding how content can be used. We also published a new COMRAD that showcases our community’s creations while summing up our own content.

There are more exciting updates in the works, so stay tuned!

Arma 3

We released the highly anticipated Reaction Forces CDLC together with 3rd-party creator Rotators Collective! The CDLC includes new weapons, vehicles, assets, and game modes, and is an impressive and immersive expansion to the Arma 3 universe for both new players and veterans alike.

Check out our Report In! interview for background info on the CDLC, along with insights from Lexx, the head of Rotators Collective.

Community Manager LeClair hosted a live stream with Nillers and several Arma 3 community stalwarts that showcased the Reaction Forces QRF game mode. Check it out on Twitch.


March was a busy month for us. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, held another Booster Apocalypse, offered the Outlands Express Pack with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks, and had the honor of being featured in the Free-to-Play Frenzy video on Xbox. We also held our Golden Tommy Awards, which you can enjoy in its entirety in the video below.

In other news, we asked Outlanders what their preferences were in case Vigor ever came out on PC, and new Eggsplosive Easter Cosmetics arrived in the Outlands. Speaking of new, we released another episode of our monthly Dev Talk. This time we interviewed our Senior Technical Designer, Michal. We also released a special live version of Malediction – In My Head from this year’s Golden Tommy Awards.

Finally, we’d like to thank every Outlander who submitted their clips for the Golden Tommy Awards! We received hundreds of submissions, and it was truly difficult to pick only one. You can watch all of the shortlisted clips in this handy mashup:


We released the original soundtrack to Ylands on Steam! Make sure you support the game by purchasing this beautiful music.

Our competition on Discord has started! Enter now for the possibility to have your very own creation added to Ylands by the devs. You can learn everything you need to know by checking out Dev Diary #314.

Rounding things up, we’re happy to report that our Easter Sale was a huge success! Players were able to pick up rabbit costumes, as well as new Sakura avatar frames, at affordable prices.


Our biggest news in March was the release of update v0.8.32. The update includes the balancing of various unit attributes, as well as a new vehicle and visual effects.

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