Bohemia Recap – October 2023

The spookiest month of the year may be over, but it was full of fun and fabulous frenzy, just like every other month here.

Vigor announced a brand new season and Ylands released an educational app. DayZ entered an experimental phase for its much anticipated update 1.23, while Arma Reforger’s experimental update featured helicopters and a new supply system. Not to be outdone, Arma 3 released a new Mac Port and Silica brought Air Units to Baltarus!

Read all about it and so much more in the latest Bohemia Recap!


October was a big and scary month for Vigor. We started with a Pumpkin Carving Contest, which also kicked off our Trick or Treat Tuesdays. Everyone was invited to submit their Vigor-themed pumpkins for a chance to win 1,000 Czech Crowns.

In other spooky news, Halloween arrived to the Outlands on Friday the 13th. Players enjoyed dark maps that included Halloween sounds, decorations, and amazing new cosmetics. We also presented our Scary Story Competition, where we offered players a story that was missing an ending and encouraged them to complete it for a chance to win a new premium pack. As if that wasn’t enough, our Level Designer Viktor also got into the scary spirit by sharing his experiences on our podcast.

We announced a new season—Vigor Chronicles: Malediction—with an epic and terrifying trailer.

We supported the new season by hosting a Dev Diary stream a day before it dropped. If you’d like to learn more, make sure to check out our blog, overview, and changelog.


October was quite a ride in the world of Ylands. First and foremost, we released a new creative and educational app called Ylands EDU. Huge thanks go out to everyone who made it possible, including all the teachers who provided us with valuable feedback. Unfortunately, the app is only available on the Czech and Slovak market at the moment. Stay tuned, though, because this won’t last forever!

Did you know that we run tons of competitions and fun activities on our Discord server? We also had a big sale in October, released a new scarecrow costume, and held a Halloween stream where we played scary minigames created by our community. Make sure to join us on Discord to participate in all the fun!

One last thing - we’ve already started teasing what’s in store for this upcoming winter. Check out our latest Dev Diary to learn more.

Stay Classy!


Check out this awesome dev stream by Matej and Adam which showcases some of the highlights to be found in update 1.23.

October saw the beginning of our experimental phase for update 1.23. Players on Xbox and Steam enjoyed the opportunity to have some fun with the new changes and features. We also had some fun on Friday the 13th, revealed our brand new DayZ mousepads, teamed up with Dying Light for a special bundle, and held our annual Halloween Event.

What would Halloween be without a party? The DayZ team dressed up, satisfied our pumpkin cravings, and had all the alcohol popcorn we could manage.

Last but not least, check out what the community’s been up to in our latest Community Spotlight.

Arma Reforger

We released a new public roadmap in October. The roadmap includes a color-coded set of completed features and features available in the experimental app. Now you can see where Arma Reforger is in terms of its development at any given time.

We also released a huge experimental update featuring helicopters and a new supply system. There were 5 experimental playtests in total, which resulted in lots of fun and helpful feedback from the community. Check out our mod report for more information.

Speaking of helicopters, Zozo shared his insights about them, as well as on upcoming assets and improvements to Reforger’s Game Master mode in our Reforger RFI Q&A.

In other news, OperatorDrewski made a great video, so make sure to check it out!

Also, our PRIM ARMA Limited Edition watches hit the market!

Want to up your Reforger game? Then check out these posts regarding #ReforgerLoadout (1), #ReforgerLoadout (2), Trails, Waves, and #ArmaLocator.

Arma 3

We released Mac Port 2.14 in October. Mac players can now play on multiplayer servers again. We also released (and promptly sold out of) our Arma 3 10th Anniversary Merch boxes. You may also want to check out our awesome mouse mats before they sell out as well.

Another month of fantastic community content came and went. Check out COMRAD #41, Community Spotlight #142, and Community Spotlight #143 for all the latest.

And finally, we reshared our statement regarding the fake news that continues to be created with Arma 3.


October saw us teasing Silica’s upcoming structures in not one, but two posts. We also dared our community to take the “Best Screenshot Ever” for a chance to win a Silica t-shirt, and brought Air Units to Baltarus on October 19th!

We also held a special release stream with Dram himself, and provided an overview for the Air Units.

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