Community Awards 2008: The Competition that time forgot!

It goes without saying that all did not go smooth with our announced and planned Community Awards 2008, a number of factors (including yours truly deciding to uproot again and move all the way from Singapore-Sweden) conspired to mess up the running and execution of our beloved Community Awards 2008. We’re obviously very sorry for the delay, we can assure you that despite any apparent lack of interest that wasn’t the case at all and we do feel strongly that regular community awards are an important way for us to tip our caps to you guys and gals.

So that said, here’s what we’re going to do:

As there has been a large amount of wonderful new Addons/Mods, Missions/Campaigns, Websites & Members since the last nominating deadline, we will open up a new round of nominations that will last for 14 Days (from the 14th March), during this time everyone can vote for their favourites in each category to cover the period from ArmA’s release up until December 31st 2008, once that 14 days has passed, the nominations will close and we will then start up a final round of voting to choose the winners from a top 5 in each category. Again this final voting stage will last for 14 days.

After the final voting is complete we will tally up all the votes and the winners will be announced. We will also be putting the names of all nominees/voters into a hat and the first 5 drawn at random will receive prizes from Bohemia Interactive, signed by the world famous Spanel brothers!

Without further ado, please head over to the online nomination form and make those entries quick, before we forget all about it again ;)


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