DayZ – Update 1.25

Greetings, Survivors!

Time is flying for us this year and there’s tons that’s going on. Earlier this month, we announced our next big milestone: an expansion called DayZ Frostline. Today, we’re happy to announce that game update 1.25 has arrived on Steam, Xbox*, and PlayStation*! Today also marks the start of a new era for Livonia. All current owners of the base game will get the DLC for free. Meanwhile, the Livonia DLC will be included with the base game from this point forward and available to all at a slightly increased price. If you’re itching to explore new places while you’re waiting for Sakhal, there’s never been a better time!

OK, back to update 1.25. What can you expect when you jump into the game?

The highlight of the update is definitely the long-awaited addition of ambient music. We worked with Czech composer Dikolson to create a subtle and ambient background that increases your immersion as you walk through different areas of the game at various times of the day. There’s approximately 70 minutes of music available at the moment, with more to come in the future. We love the music so much, that we published a selection of it on Steam. If you’re interested in listening to this wonderful music outside of DayZ, you can find it on the Steam store page or within your Steam library under Soundtracks.

Ambient tracks aren’t the only addition to the game’s audio. Update 1.25 also delivers the first rework of firearm sounds, including updated sounds of shotguns, the crossbow, and the grenade launcher. Our audio team has also been busy rebalancing the distance where you can still hear a player’s actions (previously, the audibility of all actions was set at 50 meters).

To prevent items from disappearing from the inventory after using quick slots / certain actions, we decided to limit the use of contents in nested containers like cooking pots and protector cases through quick slots. We also reworked the way a player character’s position is synchronized with the server in order to tackle issues such as getting stuck in a doorway. Another addition in update 1.25 is a new long-range bolt-action firearm, the VS-89 with a 10-round magazine.

Finally, for those of you who play on PC, we’d like to highlight the fact that we’ve integrated the Enfusion crash reporter. We’d appreciate it if you’d take the time to fill in the details before sending us the full report.

That’s it for update 1.25. Our next step is update 1.26, which will be released together with DayZ Frostline later this year. Make sure to keep your eyes on our forums and socials, where more information regarding DayZ Frostline will be revealed. Exciting times are ahead, Survivors!

*Due to technical issues and to ensure a smooth update, we need to postpone the 1.25 Update on consoles. We will provide you with more information soon. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Published on by Bohemia Interactive & DayZ team