Episode 2 of Carrier Command: Recruits out now

Broadcast - Bohemia Interactive has dispatched the second episode of the free Carrier Command: Recruits mini-game-series. In this new chapter, players are assigned to their first official task as a Technical Analyst. Their objective is to recover image data from a salvaged APA drone.

Experiencing its launch last week, Carrier Command: Recruits is an episodic series of free mini-games preparing people for the Gaea Mission. Spread over four chapters, it follows the players’ story as they obtain the position of Technical Analyst. Their task is to unravel a mysterious plot by completing a diverse set of challenges.

Also worth mentioning is that by completing an episode, and sharing their progress on Facebook or Twitter before Monday August 20th, people will be able to win 1 of the 5 available digital copies of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission for Windows PC.

The second episode of Carrier Command: Recruits – ‘More Than A Thousand Words’ - is now available at

Episode 2 Screenshots:


  • Join the United Earth Coalition as their top Technical Analyst and help them to uncover an elusive plot to sabotage the UEC’s Gaea Mission

  • Test your abilities in a series of Carrier Command themed mini-games - featuring an entertaining variety of familiar and unfamiliar game-concepts

  • Seize the opportunity to win 1 out of 5 digital copies of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission (including beta-access) by completing and sharing any of the Carrier Command: Recruits episodes before August 20th

To learn more about Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, be sure to check out the E3 2012 presentation video!

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