Huge exploration changes in the latest Ylands update

Clean your spyglasses and tighten the riggings - we are charting a course to ylands no one had seen before! Update 1.5 meant a new dawn for Exploration and we are continuing the trend with update 1.6 - Trading Territories.

The biggest feature of this update is the ability to encounter completely customized, hand-built ylands while exploring your world map - carefully created and curated by us. In the future, not only player created ylands, but entire games will be discoverable this way. Think of the possibilities!

Players will also be able to set rules on an yland-to-yland basis now, giving them control over who can visit & build on their lands.

For the hardcore creators we have a real treat in this update: the beta version of our text-scripting API, that will allow unprecedented flexibility for all you creators out there!

Of course, we have sprinkled quite a few other amazing features, so read on to find out more!

Update 1.6 - Trading Territories - major features

Handcrafted Exploration ylands: think of these as random encounters on steroids! Entire ylands, flora & fauna, carefully crafted by our designers, ready to offer you never before seen sights and truly unique Exploration adventures. And this is just the beginning, in the future you'll see holiday themed ylands, player created ylands and even entire game modes showing up in your Exploration games!

Building station: just stand next to this amazing new invention and feel like the weight of the world lifting from your shoulders as you fly around its area of effect, making building a breeze.

Vendor crafting: ever felt you need more trading in your Exploration games? With the new vendor crafting station, this can now be a reality!

My yland, My rules: players will now able to set rules for every ylands they discover (and belongs to them), enabling who can build & where, giving them full ownership of the yland.

Other Exploration changes: we have changed quite a few Exploration bits; the barrier is now gone from the early game, the propeller pack is now not game-breakingly powerful & changes to how "block hardening" is handled means a more streamlined Exploration experience. And let's not forget about an addition that will warm the heart of all the homeowners...a rake, for all your terrain smoothing needs!

Text scripting: a new extremely powerful way to code your games within the Editor - the new scripting API will let the best creators out there use our own specialised version of JavaScript to create games of never-before seen complexity. We cannot wait to see what you can come up with!

Global leaderboards: Creators will now be able to implement leaderboards that span the entire game, across servers and instances of their games, collecting competing players' data from within the entire Ylands ecosystem! Daily & weekly breakdowns will make sure there is always something or someone to compete with.

Misc. changes & addition: as usual, we have also added numerous quality of life changes to both Exploration and the Editor and squashed more bugs that we can remember,

To read about the nitty gritty details, follow this link to the changelog.

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Until next time, stay classy!

The Ylands team

Published on by Bohemia Interactive