Licensed Data Packages for DayZ

We have some great news for the DayZ modding community — which, of course, means great news for the whole community.

Modding is a fantastic aspect of our games, and a core component to our outlook on game development. Mods help to enhance many aspects of our games — increasing their diversity, longevity, and providing more overall fun for everyone — and we want to support and encourage the modding community as much as we can.

A few years ago, we released the Licensed Data Packages to the Bohemia modding community — a set of data and samples from our past games, such as weapons and vehicles from Arma 2 — so they could learn from past examples and base new creations upon this content. These packages included configuration files, material files, 3D models, textures, and animations, as well as complete game data. Now, we want to offer the same possibility to the DayZ modding community by making most of the Public Data Packages available under two new licenses.

Therefore, the following changes will happen:

  • All Licensed Data Packages previously released under APL will also be made available under DPL. Users may opt for one or the other.
  • All Licensed Data Packages released under APL-SA will also be made available under ADPL-SA. Users may opt for one or the other.
  • A new set of Licensed Data Packages containing DayZ Mod data (currently DML-SA) will be made available under ADPL-SA. Users may opt for one or the other.

The above only impacts the Licensed Data Packages released by Bohemia Interactive, it is to be noted that all already released content won't change — their licenses remain in effect.

For a more in-depth look at the Data Packages and what this means for the DayZ modding community, you can head over to our official forums.

We want to let our games be an open and creative platform for as many content creators as possible, and we'd like to extend our appreciation to all those who work hard to enhance the experiences our games provide. Thanks for being a consistently great and supportive community — we can't wait to see what else you bring to our games.

And in the event you would like to share your feedback or ask questions, check out our DayZ or Arma 3 Forums.

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