Lunar New Year Sale

A new moon is on the horizon, and the twelfth cycle of the Chinese Zodiac is upon us. So, we’d like to welcome in the Year of the Pig in style with a Lunar New Year Sale!

It's time to sweep away some of the games building up in your Wishlist and make way for some red-hot deals — from 4th February 2019 to 11th February 2019 you can grab up to 80% off a selection of Bohemia Interactive games and DLC. This includes 66% off Arma 3, Arma 3 Apex, and various other Arma DLC, as well as 20% off our vibrant sandbox exploration game, Ylands. And you can even get your hands on our hardcore survival game, DayZ, at 10% off! But the celebrations don't end there, as there are a ton of other deals waiting to be snagged. So — unlike the legend of the pig who overslept — try not to be late to the party!

Check out some of the deals on offer:

To see the complete list of discounted games and DLC, head over to Steam or the Bohemia Store. These are some deals you definitely won't want to sleep on, so make sure to get that extra firecracker-bang for the buck before the festivities come to a close.

We hope you have a great Lunar New Year, and wish you good fortune and happiness throughout the year!

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