Operation A3: Electronic Entertainment Expo


This June, Bohemia Interactive once again loads up and ships out to LA for E3 2012. Between June 5-7th, a crack team of RV Operatives - Ivan, Jay and Dean - will be presenting Arma 3 to the world's gaming media.

But what are we doing there? What do we intend to show? And how might the community get involved? Well, read on to find out all the juicy details, reinforced by a bunch of new artworks and info.

Bohemia Interactive occupies booth #457 in the South Exhibition hall, and will be presenting a hands-on alpha build of Arma 3, alongside Carrier Command: Gaea Mission.


As compared with last year's demonstrations, our E3 presentation will be a little different. It's designed to be a touch more 'hands on', as we seek to integrate the features and concepts that we've talked about over the last year into something a little more concrete. Overall, we want to get 'real people' playing our game. We want to get players pumped up for a pre-release build, due later this year. We want to make Arma 3 a truly worthy instalment in an important PC Gaming series.

Behind the scenes, the work we've sunk into creating it has provided an ideal test-bed for the kind of playable content we may look to bundle with any pre-release version of the game. It's helped us to recognise some of our strongest features and identify those, too, which require a little more attention. It's enabled us to prioritise important assets, and get serious about the type of work we need to do in order to generate a public build. After all, there's nothing quite like an unmovable deadline to get things done!


For the presentation itself,  everything starts from Camp Maxwell, a small military base from which our guests can play 'Activities' and launch 'Showcases'.

Activities include Firing Drills, where players run through a set of pop-up targets against the clock. A great way for testing and validating WIP-animations! There's also a Shooting Range, testing accuracy from medium and long ranges with a range of new rifles.

As for our showcases, we've provided a quick bite of content across a number of interesting features, such as Night Operations and Diving. Besides these, there's one short campaign mission, which sees players clear an enemy mortar site, before turning their weapons on an enemy encampment!

And, as a special bonus for those unable to make it to LA - or for those who are coming but would like to prepare some difficult questions in advance! - here's a special sneak-preview of our E3 content... enjoy!


  • Ivan Buchta, Lord 1-1 - Ivan will be dominating affairs, and setting flexed beer muscle to purpose

  • Jay Crowe, Prince 6-1 - Jay will mainly be worrying about Marek and the community monitoring the livestreams

  • Dean Hall, Rocket Actual - Dean will be catering diligently to his undead legion of infected admirers!


We'll be trying our best to keep everyone up to date with the latest goings on during the show; of course, the usual suspects will be involved. Our Facebook, YouTube and Twitter channels will be delivering little nibbles of content, the official web pages will have all the latest information about the game and, naturally, our community forums are the place to thrash out a splendid debate.

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