Smooth Sailing for Ylands!

Bohemia Interactive is happy to unveil the latest update to its crafting sandbox game, Ylands, "Smooth Sailing".

The flagship features of this update are a complete in-game user interface (UI) overhaul, improved ships physics, an improved combat engine, collider baking for improved performance, and costumes.

As usual, the update is accompanied by a developer diary where members of the team introduce some of the new features in detail.

"Smooth Sailing" update (version 0.12) highlights:

  • UI overhaul — we went back to the drawing board and redesigned most in-game interfaces. This means you’ll see a new and improved main menu, inventory screen, crafting screen, and a lot more. Our goal was to create a unified UI scheme which is more logical, easier to understand, and gets the job of interacting with the game done better and faster.
  • Ship improvements — this update is all about making sure your experience with the ships is as enjoyable as possible. We have improved ship physics across the board as well as the physics of players moving onboard of (moving) ships. That’s a lot of physics.
  • Collider baking — by allowing creators to bake colliders within the editor, this update paves the way for truly huge creations, with negligible effect on the performance. We are also using the same mechanic on player-built ships (and cars), ensuring a few longstanding issues are fixed and everything is smooth sailing from now on.
  • Costumes — if you ever wanted to run around your yland dressed as a yeti, now you can. Costumes are now available within the in-game store.
  • Improved combat — we’ve made some further improvements to our combat engine, making it snappier and more fast-paced.

And, of course, the update comes with lots of bug fixes, improvements, and optimizations. You can read the full release notes on the Ylands website.

We recommend those who would like to keep track of all the latest news follow Ylands on Steam, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The development team also posts behind-the-scenes dev diaries and sneak peek dev blogs on the Ylands forum to talk about new game features in greater detail.

Until next time, stay classy!

The Ylands team

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