Status update from Bohemia on COVID-19

Dear Bohemia community,

Just like all of you, we’ve been carefully following the news and developments regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. Since the health and well-being of our people and their families is always a top priority, we’ve made sure to follow the official guidelines, which aim to contain or slow the spread of the virus.

Practically speaking, it means that most of our employees have now switched to working from home. Although this will probably take some getting used to, we’re confident that all development and operations can continue without major interruptions. A special thanks goes out to our colleagues in the IT, HR, and Operations departments for making a smooth transition possible. Of course, all Bohemia games remain available to play as usual, and we'll make sure to inform you of any potential server maintenance in the same way as before.

During these trying times, we’d also like to call upon all of you, the members of our community, to look after one another. Just relatively simple things like touching base via channels such as Discord and TeamSpeak, and inviting people to join your game or group, can already go a long way. Over the past 20 years, we've seen the Bohemia community excel when it comes to comradery, challenge, and creativity – both in and outside our games. Armed with that knowledge, it's clear that, together, we'll be able to deal with an unprecedented situation such as this.

We wish you all well. And remember: wash your hands frequently, maintain your social distance as much as possible, and, above all, take care of yourself and others.

See you online and in-game!

Team Bohemia

P.S. We encourage everyone to link up with other members in the Bohemia community via the games and/or Discord servers:

Bohemia –
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