Straight to Aid - Update 0.9 coming in July

Waiting... waiting never changes. After a burst of new information about the upcoming Summer Release, there's been next to no news from our side. Indeed, we prepared a handful of minor updates –including the addition of Random Duos – yet there was nothing major on the horizon. But that will change very soon! In the meantime, our Partners have decided to organize a tournament among themselves (and possibly a handful of developers as well), so be prepared for this event on June 22nd!

Update 0.9: Aid

Right now, we are working hard to create the best possible experience for when the game fully releases as a Free-to-Play in Summer 2019. Indeed, we know you would like to take a closer look and give it a try as soon as possible – and that's one of the reasons we prepared one last major update before the actual release. So, without further ado, let's see what's in Update 0.9: Aid that is coming in July. We listen to the feedback of the community. Sometimes, it may not seem so at first glance, but we really do. Our developers have managed to go through each and every report of wobbly shooting to improve the gunplay – we found some gnomes in the machine, and sent them packing. That means shooting should be much more reliable now, and all the weapons got some more configuration love as well. You should be able to enjoy the gunplay more than ever, and the same goes for the animations and interactions.

We have noticed a concern about the in-game currency (Crowns) – specifically, the general appeal of the boosters.Taking a step back, boosters have proven to be a love-hate relationship within our community. Many of you proposed we should focus on customizations and a possibility to acquire them for Crowns. This is actually something we have already been working on in the background, and Update 0.9 should finally see the Outlander's shopin the game. Speaking of customizations... what if no one gets to see you in the Encounter? Well, we decided to add an option for you to learn from your mistakes and return to the Encounter as a spectator once you are killed. Learn from the best –see how they play and check out their attire.

Please note, prices are subject to change

New tutorial and wipe

Do you still remember the first time you saw Vigor? It was a rough experience, waking up in dark tunnel without any leads for what to do. This should change with a new tutorial that's going to bring you up to speed. We went through various focus tests and decided to change the structure. You are now going to get a helping hand – yet, it will still be up to you to decide who you going to trust in the outlands.

This leads to the inevitable question: how does one return to the Tutorial? We announced the progression wipe some time ago, and it's going to happen together with Update 0.9. We will, of course, let you know detailed information about the exact date soon enough. As mentioned before, Founders will have the distinct advantage of starting progression well ahead of those who come on board after the Free-to-Play release. And let's not forget about the additional rewards for Founders: you will receive a number of crates based on your current Shelter level and the number of improvements made. Also, lastbut definitely not least, you are going to get back all the Crowns you previously purchased/spent, along with the final item of the Founder's Pack: the Founder's shirt.

As you can imagine, Update 0.9 is going to be a big one. In the meantime, we plan to showcase some more content that is currently being prepared for you. Stay tuned!

See you in post-war Norway, Outlanders.

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