Take On Helicopters demo lifts off!

Prague, Czech Republic, Wednesday 30 November 2011

Today Bohemia Interactive has released a demo-version of their brand new helicopter game: Take On Helicopters. The game offers an authentic helicopter flight experience, while bringing several other innovations to the flight sim genre.For example, players are able to get out of their helicopter and explore the thousands of km² wide terrains on foot. Plus the game includes an engaging story-driven career mode, which is set around the fictional Seattle-based family business Larkin Aviation. Missions range from filming whales for ocean-life scientists, to flying in formation in a veteran’s air show and assisting SWAT fast-roping operations on the roofs of Seattle skyscrapers. The demo gives a great taste of the unique array of helicopter gameplay featured in the full version of the game.

Players will be able to enjoy a generous variety of demo content, all playable above a huge section of the Seattle terrain:

  • Free Flight mode

  • Light and medium helicopters

  • 30 x 30 km section of the Seattle terrain

  • 2 singleplayer scenarios

  • 3 time trial courses

  • 3 training scenarios

  • 1 multiplayer scenario

  • A powerful 2D scenario editor (limited version, does not allow saving or loading)

For more information on the demo click here.
To access the demo, players can download the installer here.

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