Take On Samples & Templates!

Take On Mod-Making - A sample model and livery templates for all 3 helicopter classes in Take On Helicopters are now available for those who are looking to create their own helicopter!

The sample model can be used in Oxygen 2, Bohemia Interactive's free modeling tool, to create custom helicopter models. The livery templates are available as PSD files and can be used to 'skin' either the light, medium or heavy class helicopters.

Take On Helicopter's Creative Director Jay Crowe elaborates: "Bohemia Interactive has always had a refreshing attitude towards modding and community collaboration, providing great open platforms for skilled mod-makers and people studying game development. The bottom line is that Take On players will get to enjoy a lot of free additional content, building up from the great range of vanilla gameplay that ships with the game."

In the meantime, the Take On team already made their wish list for community made helicopters. Jay Crowe: "There's some classic helicopters out there just begging to be made - I know we'd all love to see Airwolf prowling the skies above Seattle!"

For more information on the helicopter sample model and livery templates, head on over to

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