Take On Testing: Focus Groups!

Bohemia Needs You! :: ...To help us during the early stages of Take On Helicopters

As we advance in development, we're ready to start letting a small number of players get a hold of the Take On Helicopters flight stick, and provide us with feedback of their experiences! Our first public step will involve small, hand-picked groups of players who are willing and able to get involved in some structured focus testing, here, on site, at BIS HQ, in Mníšek pod Brdy.

During June, we hope to take a small range of players of differing abilities - novice and expert virtual pilots - and try to garner some useful feedback on the state our our development. We'll monitor their reactions and ask for their thoughts about their experiences with some of our missions, tutorials, and flight models. We want to evaluate what's going well, and what might need a little more work! In return, each participant will receive a copy of the game, and a chance to see their suggestions improve the experience for everyone else!

The testing is scheduled to happen in mid-June and, to participate, anyone interested should contact Lukáš Haládik by email ( by the end of May. Participants will need to be free around this time, and be able to travel to our studio (more specific information will be provided on request). Note, we're particularly looking for gamers who might not necessarily describe themselves as being 'hardcore'; we're searching for a good range of abilities so that we're better able to balance the game for a variety of players.

What? Focus Group Testing
BI HQ in Mníšek pod Brdy (Czech Republic)
When? Mid-June, 2011
How? Contact Lukáš Haládik (

For more information about the development, don't miss a recent interview with Executive Producer, Lukáš Milacek, who talks about modelling helicopters and more... You can keep up to date with the latest news via our FB and Twitter channels, and discuss all the latest developments at our space on the official forums.

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