VBS2 at Serious Games Summit in Washington D.C.

Bohemia Interactive is pleased to announce that it will be attending the Serious Games Summit
on 30-31st October. Bohemia Interactive will be located at booth 107
and will be exhibiting VBS2, the VBS1 Loadmaster Virtual Reality
Simulator (LVRS), and VBS connected to JSAF via the HLA gateway 'LVC
Game'. VBS2 components on display will include our new agent-AI and
also the Real Time Mission Editor.

The Lead Developer of VBS2, Peter Morrison, was recently interviewed by Serious Games Source regarding the capabilities of VBS2.

Also the official VBS2 website will soon be launched. Keep an eye on:

vbs2_serious_games_01_tn.jpg vbs2_serious_games_02_tn.jpg vbs2_serious_games_03_tn.jpg vbs2_serious_games_04_tn.jpgvbs2_serious_games_05_tn.jpg

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