Vigor 0.6 Update "Ally" is live

Hei Outlanders, more than 300 000 have already visited the lands of post-war Norway! We did our best in listening to your feedback and this has now resulted in the 0.6 update, “Ally”.

Rally Your Ally

During the initial stages of Vigor’s Xbox Game Preview, it became clear that you wanted to team up with your friends to face the threats of post-war Norway together. Therefore, the “Ally” update marks our first major step towards a full co-op experience. You're now able to team up with a friend and enter encounters, scavenge, and face other duos together. Sharing is caring — and you have to decide what to loot for yourself, and what to leave for your partner, including the airdrop. And as friendly fire is on, keep track of your aim, as a teammate’s bullet is just as deadly as the enemy’s!


Speaking of deadly weapons, the update brings 17 new ones. From the M7 Bayonet-knife, through the iconic Thompson submachine gun and A74-KSU assault rifle, to the SVU sniper rifle – there’s something for everyone. Of course, as some of the new weapons are long-ranged, scopes have also been added to a selection of them. As Vigor was always set to have a diverse array of guns, it has been a top priority to make shooting feel great. Regarding this, a lot has changed under the hood to allow for many tweaks and improvements. Weapon handling is now significantly better, partially thanks to improved aim assist, which lowers the controller sensitivity when you aim at an enemy. The precision of the guns has also improved to provide more reliable results and reward accurate aiming. Additionally, recoil and sway are now used to better distinguish one firearm from another. Finally, various shooting-related bugs have also been fixed alongside the improvements.


Weapon crafting has also been reworked. Before, weapons could be crafted from blueprints, which could be acquired by deconstructing weapons until enough parts were found. As a result, it was never beneficial to take a gun that you could not yet craft into an encounter, as the risk of losing it was too high. Now, deconstructed weapons will only yield materials, and blueprints can only be found within airdrops. From here on, to craft a weapon from materials, you not only need its blueprint, but also the appropriate level crafting table.

Also, scattered around encounters, you will be able to find weapon parts for specific weapons. Collecting a set amount will allow you to craft that particular weapon, regardless of your progression in the game. This way, there will always be equipment to play with, and there will always be a reason to explore the maps. Certain parts are exclusive to certain encounters, so when there is a new map rotation, Outlanders will have new types of weapon part to pursue.


Finding loot, rebuilding the shelter, and crafting are as much a part of the core Vigor experience as shooting, we know it! Therefore, the new update adds more shelter improvements, changes the progression tree, and raises the level cap to 11. And with this, the distribution of resources has been rebalanced. The number of small, single-purpose loot containers has been increased, and the universal value of looting cars has been decreased. In case of death, material compensation has also been changed to reflect not only your current loot, but also loadout. Now, you get more materials when you die, so will be better equipped to jump into the next encounter more conveniently.

Brave New World

To better explain the game, the core mechanics are now covered in the tutorial and during the first visit to the shelter. Items now have clear levels of rarity, so it’s a lot easier to identify what’s worth keeping, and what can be discarded – which can now be done from the inventory screen at any time. This way, new Outlanders will be able to better understand the basics a lot faster.

As exploration is an important part of Vigor, discoverable “points of interest” have been added to the maps. Colors of various map markers have been improved to more clearly communicate what they show, and are set up with colorblindess in mind. Useful tooltips have also been added to these markers. Additionally, each map now has two different weather presets so you can experience the beautiful environments of Vigor with added variety.

Kudos, Outlanders!

With these (and many more) additions and improvements, we are shaping Vigor into the game that both we – and you – want it to be. The invaluable feedback gathered from the you – our community – has helped tremendously to shape the future of the game, and will inevitably lead to a unique and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

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