Vigor Chronicles: Deception - Season 19

Hei Outlanders,

Are you ready to pillage, plunder, and deceive your opponents in the Outlands? Our new update Chronicles: Deception is out, and this time, you can expect to see some pirate/naval cosmetics, the new Barracuda knife, a PS Plus Bundle, and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Bundle, among other things!

Time to dive in for more info!

Unfold the Chronicles and master your deception!

After popular demand from our community during the last few feedback surveys we conducted, we found out that a lot of our players were asking for a pirate theme. And that's why we decided to deliver a Battle Pass full of cosmetics inspired by modern-day (and old-school) pirates and naval officers. We hope that you'll enjoy the aesthetics of this update, and make sure to get the new Barracuda knife that's waiting for you in the Battle Pass!

Become the Scarlet Reaver of the Outlands!

Turn the tide of battle in your favor with the Scarlet Reaver Pack. Ransack the loot to get your hands on the most powerful weapons, snatch the most glittering valuables, and prepare for your next adventure.
Your legend rises with every successful haul, so gear up, grab what you can, and strike fear into the hearts of those who oppose you as you plunder the Outlands!

This pack includes:

  • Lord of the Seas (Scarlet Reaver)

  • Seafarer's Headscarf (Maroon)

  • Gunner's Eye Patch (Powder Monkey)

  • Pouch Strap (Bountiful)

  • Bounty Protector (Pillager's Grasp)

  • 5x L85A1 + 300x ammo (5.56x45 NATO)
    • Catch of the Day Skin for L85A1
  • 5x ZA M76+ 100x ammo (7.92x57 Mauser)
    • Moored Skin for ZA M76
  • 5x PKM + 1000x ammo (7.62x54)
    • Call of the Sea Skin for PKM
  • 10x Sawed-Off Shotgun + 50x ammo (Shotgun Shell)
    • Deckhand's Doodles Skin for M14
  • 10x Barracuda
    • Sharkfin Skin for Barracuda
  • 3x Mortar Strike
  • 3x Double XP Ticket
  • 5x Insurance Ticket
  • 25x Loadout Ticket
  • 2000x Crowns

This pack may only be purchased once per account for $69.99 and is available for a limited time.

Deadly Blossom Pack Available for PS Plus members!

Prepare for covert operations in the scorching summer sun with our Deadly Blossom Pack. Take advantage of the deadly elegance of nature's camouflage, stay hidden in the shadows, and let the vegetation become your shield.

The pack includes:

  • Limited Edition Combat Respirator (Hemlock)
  • Limited Edition Army Pouch (Hemlock)
  • Limited Edition Patched Gloves (Hemlock)
  • 2x Special Issue Crate
  • 10x Mosin Nagant + 300x ammo
  • 5x ES16A2 + 300x ammo
  • 4x Suomi KP/-31 + 600x ammo
  • 3x Combat Magnum + 70x ammo
  • 2x La Chiave 12 + 50x ammo
  • L86A1 LSW + 90x ammo

This free pack may only be claimed once per account for PS Plus members and is available for a limited time.

Can you beat the Heatwave Havoc?

Leave the winter's chill behind and come bask in the Norwegian sun with our Heatwave Havoc Pack! Enjoy new stylish accessories, crates full of loot, and loads of guns to keep the party going. Don't forget the sunscreen!

The pack includes:

  • Limited Edition Sunblock Facepaint Bundle
  • Limited Edition Wool Fedora (Verdant)
  • Limited Edition Casual Bag (Greenway)
  • 3x Special Issue Crate
  • 10x Vz. 58 P + 300x ammo
  • 5x Grease Gun + 150x ammo
  • 4x M60E3 + 400x ammo
  • 3x Combat Magnum + 30x ammo
  • 2x La Chiave 12 + 30x ammo
  • L96 + 20x ammo

This free pack may only be redeemed once per account for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members and is available for a limited time.

Redesigned Packs Make A Return

If you missed your opportunity to grab some of the Premium Packs from past Chronicles, worry not because the One-Eyed Ravager, Elite Vanguard, and Cataclysm Commander packs return with a reduced price. All three packs will cost $29.99, can only be purchased once per account, and are available for a limited time.

Bug Fixes Are Here!

You'll be happy to know that we managed to fix the invisible house bug that's been persistent since last season! On top of that, we've also unlocked the exits in the Anikken and Batterie Snodekt maps. We've also added the Viper knife from last season to the global loot and loot events. In addition, we've taken steps to decrease all of those pesky Error 0 occurrences! Last but not least, we did several visual polishes on the revamped packs and other assets. You can check out the changelog for the full details.

This update marks the end of Legacy Seasons, as we've been mentioning in the last few months. Those of you who didn't manage to finish all of them will receive some compensation in the form of Crowns, which we will distribute in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more info.

We hope you'll enjoy this update and that you might also give Vigor a try on Steam, as the Early Access should be coming out this month.

As always, see you in the Outlands!

Published on by Bohemia Interactive & Vigor team