Vigor fundraises for Brno University Hospital's fight against Covid-19

Dear Bohemian!

Sometimes there are other things that we need to focus on. When the global pandemic started, a local hospital in Brno was attacked by hackers. And we decided to team up with our community and help them.

We are happy to announce that we handed over a check for 250,000 Czech crowns (11,000 USD) to the director of Brno University Hospital last week. We hope that this collection which brought together over 7,000 players will help the hospital in this difficult time.

The players of Vigor were able to purchase a limited pack which included a unique surgical mask. Our Outlanders helped not just financially, but also by spreading awareness of the importance of wearing a mask. All proceeds received by Bohemia were donated to Brno University Hospital.

We want to thank everyone who bought the Stay Safe Charity Pack! This would not be possible without you.

Published on by Bohemia Interactive