Vigor on PC – Announcement

Hei Outlanders,

We're thrilled to announce that after 5 long years, and many requests, Vigor is finally being released on PC! You will now get to experience the atmosphere and the excitement the Outlands have to offer with the power of a mouse and keyboard.

It's been a long time coming, but in May, Vigor will be released as an Early Access title on Steam. Why Early Access though? It's a formula that's proven to be quite effective for us in the past, both with the Nintendo Switch release and the original Xbox Game Preview release.

Unlock Early Access with the Vigor - Reinforcements Pack

You'll be able to enjoy Vigor in Early Access by purchasing the special Reinforcements Pack which contains an exclusive uniform and a special title that you can wear as a badge of honor by being one of the very first to play Vigor in this new chapter. The pack also contains a set of weapons and consumables from all rarities that will help you kickstart your journey as you become the ultimate Outlander in perilous Norway. To be more specific, the pack will include:

  • Exclusive Title: Platform Pioneer
  • Exclusive Prodigy Uniform
  • 2x SVU + 60x ammo (7.62x54)
  • 2x Remy M870 + 40x ammo (Shotgun Shell)
  • 2x ADR-97 + 300x ammo (5.7x28)
  • 2x L85A1 + 180x ammo (5.56x45 NATO)
  • 3x M249 + 900x ammo (5.56x45 NATO)
  • 3x B93 Raffica + 180x ammo (9x19 Parabellum)
  • 2x The John
  • 3x Mortar Strike
  • 3x Armor Plate
  • 3x Smoke Grenade
  • 3x M67 Frag Grenade
  • 3x Portable Signals Detector
  • 4x Adrenaline Shot
  • 4x M84 Flash Grenade
  • 4x Improvised Mine
  • 5x Caffeine
  • 5x Jammer
  • 5x Antibiotics
  • 6x Painkiller
  • 6x Decoy
  • 6x Alarm Trap

This pack may only be purchased once per account and is available for a limited time during Early Access.

The price for the Vigor - Reinforcements Pack is $19.99. Once the game is out of Early Access, all progress made by PC players will be wiped as we prepare for the full release. But rest assured, all of the contents from the Vigor - Reinforcements Pack will be tied to your account and transfer to your free-to-play account.

Enjoy the brand-new gunplay!

Besides cosmetics, weapons, and consumables, you'll also be among the first to test out the improved gunplay of the Weapon Overhaul that our community has long requested. You can provide valuable feedback while the game is in Early Access, which will help our team shape the PC version of Vigor into a more refined and overall better experience.

Embrace your Isolation!

While in Early Access, you'll be able to play Vigor through Season 18, a.k.a. Vigor Chronicles: Isolation which was already released for consoles a few months ago. This Season introduced Eikevjen as a new Shootout map, the much-anticipated smoke grenade, an improved melee combat system and the M14 Assault Rifle!

Help us shape the future of Vigor!

Our focus right now is to provide as smooth of a gaming experience as possible on PC, gather your feedback so we can further optimize the game, and, after the free-to-play release, focus our attention on cross-play and further polishing. We've implemented a brand-new feedback tracker where we can gather all of your suggestions and issues you might encounter. We will also be conducting several surveys throughout Early Access so if you want to voice your feedback, make sure to sign up for our newsletter.

All in all, we hope that you're excited to embark on this new chapter of Vigor with us, and we can't wait to see you in the Outlands from your PCs!


Published on by Bohemia Interactive & Vigor team