Improvements and new spice - Season 7 of Vigor is out now!

Hei Outlanders,

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and celebrated New Year’s Eve with your loved ones. Here’s hoping 2021 will prove to be a safer, healthier, and far more normal year.

We’d like to begin today’s post with a quick reminder of everything that happened with Vigor last year. We delivered four releases on two new platforms (Switch and PlayStation), welcomed over 4.5 million Outlanders on all platforms, and reached the amazing milestone of one million players on PlayStation. There were five seasons, eleven updates, and a bunch of new features. We want to thank all of you who stayed with us last year – we definitely wouldn’t be here without you.

OK, then. On to the new season!

Season 7: Mercenaries

When we asked what you’d like to see in Vigor, a lot of you stated that you’d love to have more military cosmetics. So we put our heads together and are pleased to introduce you to Mercenaries!

These Outlanders used to be paid for their military skills. Now they’ve united to continue their domination as a group of highly skilled professionals. You’ll recognize them easily thanks to their signature balaklavas, military gas masks, emblems on their caps, and camo face paint. They’re also bringing new weapons to the Outlands, including the La Chiave 12 shotgun and M60E3 machine gun. As always, you can equip yourself with these glossy new titles and brag about your skills in the lobbies.

We Called it "Operation Health"!

As you breeze through this blog post you might notice that there aren’t a ton of new features this time around. That’s because we decided to focus on a few pressing issues that some of you have brought to our attention.

The biggest issue revolved around a lack of memory. So our team worked diligently on boosting memory optimization, which we expect will vastly improve upon the various crashes and disconnections experienced on all platforms (yes, that includes the “blue screen crash” on PlayStation).

Another thing we focused on was maps like Fiske Fabrikk. We know how much you missed the map, but it was necessary to remove it and make some improvements. Well, we’re thrilled to announce that our mission was successful, and that Fiske Fabrikk is back in rotation!

We also tested the update for a longer period this time to ensure we deliver the quality you deserve. While we’re a passionate group of developers, we’re also a relatively small team, which is why some actions take longer than what you’ve come to expect from bigger studios. So a huge thank you to all for your undying patience!

Any News?

So what exactly is new in post-war Norway, you ask? Well, we thought it might be fun to spice up the Encounters a bit. Therefore, we’ve decided to introduce openable exits. That means that some of the exits on the maps now need to be opened before you can leave the Encounter. This new wrinkle changes escape strategies a bit and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

More news are also available in the Shelter. You can now equip the weapon you selected with ammo before you join the Encounter. Cool, right?

We also decided to give Shootout a bit of love. As of now, you can find a new selection of weapons in the crates in Shootout. While it might seem like a small change, we believe it will add a touch of freshness to the experience.

Last, but not least, we need to warn you that the Mercenaries do not want to see anyone camping in a bush during the entire game. Which means anyone camping in one spot for too long will now risk the threat of being bombarded by a mortar strike.

Here's to 2021

We’re really excited about all the cool stuff we plan on bringing to the Outlands this year. We’d love to hear what your ideas for the game are as well, so make sure to let us know on social media. We read all your comments very carefully because we don’t want to miss any opportunities to make Vigor a bigger, better, and smoother experience.

That’s it for now. Take care, stay vigorous, and see you in the Outlands!

Published on by Filip Šťastný