Ylands Creators Competition Winners

Salutations Ylanders!

So it's finally here! The first-ever Ylands Creators Competition Announcement! 

And first of all, let us stress, ALL entrants were great. There were loads of truly fantastic games and we really enjoyed playing them. But there can only by a certain amount of winners, so here we go:

Best Game Award

1st place - ☆TINY SEA☆ (Spyler & Christal)
2nd place - NEXT GENERATION (Mello1223)
3rd place - Puzzle RPG - Spirit Guardians: Dalvanie (Eucha)
4th place - Lochford Horror 3 (Euphe)
5th place - Police Pursuit (P1 Gaming)

Special Category Award

Best action game - ☆TINY SEA☆ (Spyler & Christal)
Best RPG game - Rigale (Cernunos)
Best puzzle game - NEXT GENERATION (Mello1223)
Best narrative game - Lochford Horror 3 (Euphe)
Best composition - Santa's Workshop (Ocnog)

Congratulations to all winners, but if you haven't won in this round, do not fear, because VERY SOON a new season of the Ylands Creators Competition will begin!

So try out the games of the winners but also all the other games that were made for this fantastic competition and till next time, stay classy Ylanders

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