Ylands going to PAX East, teasing a summer Steam release!

Our Bohemia Incubator title, Ylands, is taking a trip overseas! On March 10-12, we’ll be visiting PAX East in Boston and everybody interested is welcome to come over, check out the progress we’ve made with the game or grab some merch at the booth 22019!

Since the Bohemia Incubator announcement in November last year, Ylands has made significant progress – cooperating with our devoted community of early adopters, our development team has managed to implement things like improved support of multiplayer via dedicated servers, fully customizable pirate boats or randomly generated caves.

Ylands update 0.21 - Dangerous Depths

Venture into the depths and try to gather various resources while facing the mutated animals.

Ylands update 0.20 - Playful Presents

North Pole factory scenario, edible building blocks and tons of toys!

Ylands update 0.19 - Boats & Buccaneers

Large and customizable ships, cannons, underwater encounters.

Our PAX East showcase will focus on all the fun elements that the game can already offer, while teasing two major endeavors of our development team – a plan to create a dedicated web platform for sharing community-created content, and, perhaps more importantly, our intention to finally release Ylands on Steam later this summer!

Everyone who purchased Ylands via our Bohemia Store as a Bohemia Incubator title (currently still available for 9.99$) will receive a free Steam copy of the game on the day of its release.

Learn more about Ylands on the Bohemia Store product page - there is a free trial of the game available for you to play. Creating a free Bohemia Account is the only requirement to start your trial.

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