Ylands: Nintendo Switch Edition – Announcement

Calling all seaworthy explorers! We are thrilled to announce the Ylands: Nintendo Switch™ Edition release! The game is available exclusively for digital download on the Nintendo Switch starting today! This release marks Bohemia Interactive's second game on the Nintendo Switch platform, following the previous success of Vigor.

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Ylands: Nintendo Switch™ Edition is the ultimate creative open-world adventure game. Prepare to be immersed in an enchanting, low-poly universe, optimized to deliver a seamless gaming experience on the Nintendo Switch console. The game features the same core gameplay mechanics as Ylands on PC or mobile, which means exploration, sailing, crafting, building, and light survival elements. This combination of mechanics offers a unique and engaging experience for players of all ages.

Watch Ylands: Nintendo Switch™ Edition’s release trailer to see this unique exploration experience in action:

Ylands Offline For The First Time

Ylands: Nintendo Switch™ Edition is playable fully offline, which is a first for this series. After the download and initial launch, players don’t need an active internet connection to play the game. All player game worlds, creations, and progress are stored locally which ensures smooth uninterrupted sailing, wherever they choose to play.

Buy Once, Play Forever

While Ylands on PC and mobile is a free-to-play title, we've decided to go for a simpler premium model for Ylands: Nintendo Switch™ Edition. This, in combination with its offline nature, means there are no pay-to-progress mechanics, less of a need to grind to accumulate resources and no monetization pushes. All planned updates for Ylands: Nintendo Switch™ Edition will always be included for no additional cost with the option to purchase optional "pet + blueprint" packages also supported.

Adventure and Creative Modes

Ylands: Nintendo Switch™ Edition is an experience that supports and encourages creative development and thinking at every stage. There are virtually unlimited building opportunities available to the player; both in the more story-centric Adventure mode and the sandbox-oriented Creative mode. If players don’t wish to create from the ground-up it will also be possible to purchase different types of buildings, ships, and even pets via the Nintendo eShop.

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Published on by Bohemia Interactive & Ylands team