Ylands - Update 1.8

Hey there, Ylanders!

This week we'll finally get to share all the hard work with our players, the 1.8 update writes a new chapter in the history of Ylands, introducing achievements and titles, larger maps, new tutorial and main menu, multiplayer game flow polish, and various quality of life changes.

And with all that, we also have a brand new trailer:

Now you can enjoy the almost never-ending ocean horizon.

It all starts with a brand new main menu, where we want to showcase all the fun that can be enjoyed in Ylands. Ylands is a huge game with a lot of possibilities. We heard your calling for the tutorial. It's optional and it teaches new players how to craft important things, sleep, build a raft and sail.

Have you found and tamed your soul animal in the game, but didn't like that you cannot simply take them on an adventure to a different yland with you? Now it's possible! You can summon your tamed animal in a different scenario. Enjoy new adventures with your new travel companion!

“With update 1.8 I feel like we are getting close to the game's original vision. I think we are only a few more updates away until we can fully realize the nearly infinite potential of Ylands,” says Bohemia Interactive CEO Marek Španel.

Since the last update, you can play Exploration on your mobile. Another step was to recognize the platform and let you decide if you want to play it only on mobile or PC. You may now purchase Exploration as mobile-only from your iOS or Android device. PC players can still play their games on mobile as they're used to.

There is so much more to discover. Check out Ylands website for more information.

Awesome Achievements include:

Larger maps - Ylands now may have up to 8x8km

Exploration rework - tutorial for new players

Mass pickup action

Multiplayer game flow polish

Butterfly, Corn Bandit & Ghost Nut pets – cute and cool

Quality of life gameplay improvements

Crafting improvements and fixes

Ylands is available on PC, iOS, and Android. Become part of the Ylands community on Discord, Twitter, and Facebook. Join the debate on the official Ylands forum.

Stay healthy and stay classy, Ylanders! 

Published on by Bohemia Interactive & Ylands team