Yes, you may but only if the content based on these data packages is accessible to everyone and is not directly sold or monetized. This means that you cannot use it on a server with access limited only to paying players. This also applies for the derivative works based on the licensed data packages, provided that the author of these works gives permission for such monetization.

For example, after you have been approved, you can have an addon from licensed data packages on a server where you are selling special hats to players.

Keep in mind that you still need to follow all of the provisions of the respective licenses. For example the data released under DML-SA is available for Arma 2 only which means it cannot be used on Arma 3 monetized servers.

No, donations are still allowed. But remember – a donation is a gift without any counter value. If your donators receive perks or rewards for donating then we no longer consider it a donation and you have to apply for the approval.

No, if someone is getting something back for donating, it is no longer a donation but a sale.

Yes, but it is no longer a donation. It is a sale of ingame items and you first need to register and get an approval.

Donation is a voluntary gift without any counter-value. You do not offer any perks or rewards for such donations and players do not expect anything back. This is allowed and does not require our approval.

Monetization happens when players, unlike with donations, receive some kind of reward or perk for their money. This requires our approval. Some examples of allowed rewards are perks which do not affect gameplay, e.g. custom textures, skins, forum badges, reserved slots, product placement, in-game advertising and sponsorship. You can also sell in-game items which do not affect gameplay in any way (e.g. special hats, designed shirts with logos, etc.) – generally everything cosmetic is allowed.

On the other hand, perks and rewards such as providing in-game money, weapons, ammo, vehicles, discounts, vehicle spawns, housing and any other gameplay affecting features are not allowed and will not be approved.

No, we aren’t getting any part of the income generated from this kind of monetization.

You may, but ONLY if you have proper permission from all of the authors of such mods. Monetizing without it contravenes our licenses.

You don’t have to do anything. Unless you give permission no one is allowed to monetize your creation.

Use the “Report” button next to the server in question and send us a report and we will investigate the matter and take away the monetization permission if this report proves to be true. Don’t forget to include as much detail as possible.

This does not limit you from enforcing your copyrights yourself and forcing the server owner to stop using an intellectual property.

These rules apply exclusively to ARMA 3 and DayZ servers. Moreover, it is not allowed to monetize ARMA 2, or any other Bohemia Interactive game. However, bearing in mind the difference between donations and monetization, you can accept donations for such servers.