Arma Quiz: Correct Answers

We had a little challenge during our #20DaysOfArma, which was our #ArmaQuiz with over 600 entries! A lot of you answered all the questions correctly, so we had to draw lots and choose only one winner, who won our employees only edition: Arma T-shirt and Arma mug. Check out the correct answers below!

What was the name of the rogue Soviet general in Arma: Cold War Assault that instigated the Malden Island Crisis?

(General) Aleksei Vasilii Guba

According to the radio broadcast in the intro to Arma Cold War Assault, what country won the 1985 World Ice Hockey Championship?


What are the names of the 4 friends that meet in the pub in Saint Pierre at the end of Arma Cold War Assault?

James, David, Sam, and Robert

What was the call sign of the US Special Forces team from the 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit in Arma 2’s Harvest Red campaign?


What was the name of the military operation and Arma 2 expansion, involving the US invasion of Takistan?

Operation Arrowhead

Arma 2 was released and set in the same year? True or false?


In Arma 3, what animals were the subject of an unknown prank by a certain Private Nelson while on peacekeeping duties on the Republic of Altis and Stratis?


What was the eventual name given to the aliens in Arma 3’s Contact expansion?

The Visitors

According to headlines in discarded newspapers found on several Arma 3 terrains, what was found ‘mysteriously missing’ from many homes in 2035?


What is the capital of Altis?


The CH-67 Huron is a classic NATO heavy transport helicopter, but without looking it up, how many passengers can it carry into battle?


What happened to the body of Viktor Troska according to Arma fans?

This information still remains classified, but we really enjoyed your attempts at providing answers. Here are a few samples of what we've received:

  • He didn’t die it’s all a conspiracy !
  • He survived, in our hearts :(
  • Geronimo: Have you seen Victor, sir? Gastovski: No. Nobody‘s seen him. He took out the planes...he saved us, but some things are too much, even for a hero. Even for a hero, Geronimo.
  • Eaten by Rabbits
  • Viktor Troska survived and was placed prisoner in a forgotten camp in the jungle of Vietnam. Supposedly released in 1984 by Colonel James Braddock during his "Missed-in-action" -mission. He moved to USA and under a changed name, as Jack Bauer, he saved the United States and the whole world within 24 hours. More than once...(at least that is what I want to believe - if you give me that mug, I will forget you sacrificed him to make a fortune, bloody bastards).
  • He's still alive living on a small island along the northern coast of Nogova
  • According to game files, his body was "deleteVehicle ResA1", but I strongly believe it was sacrificed by Maruk on the altar of commercial success. REMEMBER VIKTOR! GLORY TO THE HEROES!
  • Victor Troska never existed. He was James Gastovski, with the Resistance campaign retelling the story of what happened according to official Nogovan government sources and filling in the blanks.
  • It was sent to my hometown, Bemidji, Minnesota. You should visit. It's very nice here.
  • It was taken by aliens that later appeared in Contact. The reason that the aliens came down to on Earth was to avenge the death of this resistance hero.
  • He obviously fled the country adopting the new surname Miller and fathered a son named Scott
  • During his final hours, out gunned, out manned, and cornered, Viktor Troska fought valiantly for his homeland. Yes, he may have perished, but he did not fail; as he took down as many of Guba’s communist forces as he could. The thought of every thing that the communists had done to his homeland had fueled his fiery passion to take as many down as possible, regardless of his fate.
  • Never found. In the decades after he and Tasmanian Devil became saints of Nogova nation.

And what does Marek Španěl say? "What happened to the body of Viktor Troska is Top Secret and I can't talk about it". How many questions did you answer correctly? Let us know on our socials - Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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