Two New Exciting Games are coming to the Bohemia Incubator

We are thrilled to unveil our collaboration with two exceptional game development studios. These studios are set to release their upcoming titles through the prestigious Bohemia Incubator. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Place of Departure Studio: Renowned for the critically acclaimed Ministry of Broadcast, this studio is dedicated to crafting their next gaming masterpiece. Anticipate innovation, compelling narratives, and immersive gameplay.

  • Enjoy Studio: Known for the beloved life simulation game, The Witch of Fern Island, Enjoy Studio is currently concocting an equally enchanting experience. Immerse yourself in their latest creation and explore a world unlike any other.

Both projects will be showcased in detail at Gamescom 2024. But why wait? Head over to the dedicated Steam Store page for an exclusive sneak peek!

Established in 2023, Bohemia Incubator serves as the publishing arm of Bohemia Interactive, the renowned game development studio responsible for global hits such as the open-world survival sandbox DayZ, the genre-defining military simulation series Arma, the F2P looter-shooter Vigor, and Ylands, an exploration game featuring charming, low-poly graphics. The primary objective of Bohemia Incubator is to financially support and publish original games developed by talented indie developers, leveraging over 25 years of industry experience.

Studios Statements

“We're really glad that we found such a strong publishing partner for our new game which is a bit, let’s say, unhinged. So, it's great to have a publisher on board with our vision, sharing the same love for silly, absurd humor, weird ideas, and surreal characters pushed to their limits. With Bohemia having our backs, we can fully focus on crafting a unique experience with fun gameplay as well as a unique art style and narrative. We cannot wait to show you more of our game at the upcoming Gamescom.” Dušan Čežek, Creative Director and CEO at Place of Departure

“We are proud and excited about our new publishing partnership with Bohemia Interactive, allowing us to focus on developing our new title. This collaboration is an important step forward for us, a testament to mutual trust and a shared vision in the game development industry. Together, we will soon present you our new game, so stay tuned!” - Michał Baraniak, CEO at Enjoy Studio S.A.

Both new projects will join Silica, a unique crossover of RTS and FPS games, created by indie developer Martin Melicharek. Silica was released in the Early Access phase on Steam last year.

About Place of Departure

Place Of Departure is a game dev studio dedicated to creating unique gameplay and story-driven IPs with a strong focus on creativity, humor, and unique art styles. Our most recent release, prior to founding Place of Departure, was Ministry of Broadcast, released on PC, Mac OS, and iOS as well as Nintendo Switch and nominated for Czech Game of the Year 2020 and Czech Game of the Decade 2010 - 2020.

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About Enjoy Studio

Enjoy Studio is a rapidly growing game development studio from Poland, which specializes in the development and porting of video games. Since 2020, two titles have been released that have gained recognition among players. Our team is a harmonious blend of young enthusiasts and experienced industry veterans, who create games with passion and expertise. Together, with an unwavering enthusiasm for gaming, we strive to fulfill our ambitions and dreams.

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About Bohemia Incubator

Bohemia Incubator is where good ideas become fantastic games. The Incubator empowers indie game makers to develop their playable prototypes and receive the help they need to prepare their product for full release. Bohemia Incubator offers financial support and publishing services to original projects with a unique vision. All you need is a playable prototype and an undying desire to flourish.

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