Bohemia Recap – January 2024

The new year is well underway and 2024 is already shaping up to be a fun and productive one here at Bohemia.

Arma 3 kicked off a new series of livestream play sessions, while Arma Reforger published a boot camp guide to help an influx of excited new players. Not to be outdone, Ylands played Capture the Flag with its awesome community, Vigor released a swanky new bomber jacket, and DayZ set an all-time concurrent player record on Steam.

There’s plenty more to get to, so let’s dive on in to the latest headlines and happenings!


A new year requires new merch. Behold Vigor’s Official Bomber Jacket!

A new year also requires a new survey. Over 2,000 people participated, and those who presented their Vigor ID received a Tomato Sports Bag.

Have you ever struggled to pronounce the names of our maps? Well, your struggle is now over, thanks to our handy video that teaches you the correct pronunciations.

In other news, we celebrated National Hat Day for the first time, and held Double XP Days from January 30th – February 1st so players could finish their Battle Pass comfortably. We also put together a soundtrack on Spotify and other streaming services that represents 2023. The soundtrack also contains versions of certain songs that haven’t been available before.

Sure you’ve heard of Community Managers, but what do they actually do? Find out in the latest episode of our Dev Talk podcast featuring f0rsythiaa. You can listen to it here or on YouTube.


Last year was huge, thanks to update 2.0 and Ylands EDU. There was so much going on that we decided to put together an informative Dev Diary called Ylands 2023 in Numbers.

Winter festivities in the world of Ylands are beginning to peak with awesome sales and epic snow battles. Take, for instance, the Capture the Flag battle that we devs had with our awesome community! Everybody had such a blast that the community is already busy creating their own snowball event on our Discord. Feel free to join us there for more fun activities!


It’s tradition now for DayZ to set an all-time concurrent player record on Steam at the start of the new year. This time we peaked at 73,418 players.

It’s also customary for us to release a stability update at the start of the year. We’re calling this year’s update a “clean sweep”. It focuses on quality-of-life improvements and a few new assets, including a new rifle and cosmetics. Read all about it in our 1.24 experimental release article, and hold on tight because the update is set to hit our stable branches on February 20th.

We’re committed to engaging with the community through streaming this year. Recently, we hosted a stream that showcased the changes in update 1.24. Check out the highlights below:

Rounding things out, we published our latest Community Spotlight, and celebrated International Programmers Day by teaming up with Logitech and giving away a gaming keyboard to whoever could write a few lines of code and make our programmers laugh.

Arma Reforger

We started off by publishing a 2023 Year in Review, which highlighted Arma Reforger’s progress, as well key moments during the past year. That was soon followed by a brand new episode of Arma Reforger RFI, featuring our Creative Director Ivan Buchta:

We’ve been seeing a steady growth of new players, so we decided to publish an Arma Reforger Boot Camp guide to help them find their bearings in the game.

Finally, we held our first Public Play Session on a community-made map by Chewie called the Worthy Islands. The session was well-attended and an absolute blast for everyone involved.

Arma 3

It was back to business as usual in January. First off, we published our 2023 Year in Review, which rounded up the stats, milestones, and memorable community content over the past year.

Speaking of community content, the latest COMRAD was released as well, and features tons of amazing new work. We also kicked off a new series of Live Stream Play Sessions and held a weeklong sale.


Silica started the new year strong by releasing two updates. The second one was particularly introduced the long awaited hover bikes!

We also put a recap of 2023 together and shared Silica’s roadmap for 2024.

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