DayZ 1.0 is launching on December 13 on Steam

We are happy to announce that, after five years of Early Access Alpha development, the PC version of our open world survival game DayZ will leave the Steam Early Access on December 13th.

Over the course of its Early Access marathon, DayZ has attracted over 4,000,000 players and received a complete technology overhaul, along with numerous new features.

In November, we released the BETA update for DayZ. This was overall the biggest update to the game, with over a year’s worth of development dedicated to it. Along the way, players subscribed to the Experimental branch were able to witness major engine level changes and gameplay improvements.

Since the BETA update delivered all the core elements that make the DayZ gameplay, the development shifted focus to bugfixing and generally improving the available content and features for the upcoming 1.0 update. With the help of community feedback and bug reports, our developers have identified over 400 issues since the BETA release, and resolved nearly 900 of them in total (including both the new issues, and ones reported before the BETA).

The 1.0 update will launch on Thursday, December 13th at 19:00 CET. Until then, DayZ is still available for its Early Access Alpha price of 27,99 EUR / 34.99 USD / 22.99 GBP. After launching the 1.0 update, DayZ will be sold for 37,99 EUR / 44.99 USD / 31.99 GBP on Steam and continue receiving new content and features during post-launch development and support. Our development road-map for post 1.0 content will be established and presented at the beginning of next year.

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