DayZ enters BETA on PC

Culminating the five years of Early Access Alpha development, our massively popular survival game DayZ has reached an important milestone and entered the BETA stage of development - the last step before a final release of the game scheduled for the end of this year.

The DayZ BETA introduces a massive technology advancement that utilizes modules of our new Enfusion Engine that we've developed alongside the game. It also shifts our focus from introducing new features and content to bug fixing, stabilization and balancing, with the goal to create a stable and - most importantly - fun experience for our 1.0 release, scheduled for the end of 2018.

BETA Update highlights

  • Major engine changes
  • Improvements to game and network performance
  • Introduction of base building
  • Massively improved implementation of vehicles
  • More elaborate AI for infected and animals
  • Major map rework to make Chernarus more beautiful and detailed
  • Ability to run your own servers
  • Modding tool set and Steam Workshop support

While mentioned as the last bullet point, the modding toolset is equally important to our effort of polishing the game, as it opens the gate to user-created content in DayZ. We're very excited to see first content creators get hands-on with DayZ - modding has always been a key component of our flagship titles, and DayZ itself originated as a modification to our military sandbox game Arma 2.

Pricing plans, and post 1.0 plans

While we're about to wrap up an important part of DayZ's development by releasing out of Early Access, the BETA and 1.0 releases are not the end of DayZ development. Delivering a stable 1.0 release means us having a stable platform on which we can introduce new features and content. For the rest of the year, we will also be working on our post 1.0 development plans and evaluating where to take DayZ next.

Our original plans were counting on a small product price increase, but DayZ's BETA version is still available on Steam for the same Early Access price of 27,99 EUR / 34,99 USD, with our goal now being to only reach the final pricing of the game when we reach the milestone of DayZ leaving Early Access.

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