DayZ is out now on Xbox Game Preview

Last week during the Gamescom edition of the Xbox Insider show, our Lead Producer Eugen Harton announced that DayZ is finally coming to Xbox One - and we're excited to say that DayZ is now indeed available to Xbox survivors around the world! Starting from August 29, new survivors can jump into the game early for 39.99 USD / £ 39.99 / € 31.99, and there is also a one hour trial available on the Microsoft store.

Thanks to the progress we've made with our new Enfusion Engine, all Xbox players can enjoy the full set of features and content the PC 0.63 update offers. This is both on the original Xbox One and the more powerful Xbox One X which runs the game in an enhanced mode, utilizing a buttery smooth 4K resolution (also on systems that don't support 4K - the game is simply downscaled to the resolution of your TV, improving the overall visual fidelity).

As with all our other games, we’re also the publisher of DayZ on Xbox, and we’re part of the ID@Xbox program for independent developers.

Goals for the DayZ Game Preview

The Game Preview programme on Xbox allowed us to publish a work in progress development build of DayZ to players, and improve the game before its full release. Very much like with DayZ on PC, we want to work closely with our community and listen to the feedback from our players. In the first weeks of the DayZ Game Preview, we would like to focus on:

  • player feedback on the control scheme
  • player feedback on the inventory system
  • stability of the game and servers
  • the overall user experience of players
  • any specific Xbox bugs

As for content and feature updates, the progress there will be shared with the progress of our PC builds, since DayZ is developed as a fully multiplatform title with PC serving as our primary development platform. All Xbox players can follow our Status Reports (for both Xbox and PC) for further news and announcements, but for this year, the major feature and content goals are:

  • new implementation of vehicles
  • base building
  • introducing new weapon types and increasing variety of weapons/items available in the game

Currently, DayZ is projected to leave Xbox Game Preview in Q1 2019, along with a full release of the game on PlayStation 4

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