DayZ | PC Stable Update 1.02

Hello Survivors!

The second Platform Update of DayZ is out on Steam (both the game update and server files update). Along with many quality of live improvements, fixes and tweaks, it reintroduces two .308 caliber weapons and what's arguably the most luxurious transport option the post-apocalyptic Chernarus offers: the mighty Olga 24 sedan.

While the 1.02 update does not have a strict theme, a lot of work has been done to streamline the inventory design and functionality (yes, you can move with your inventory open again!). The game design team also put emphasis on promoting stealth gameplay when dealing with the infected, and also went through a couple of iterations on the night time experience. Get all the details and full patchnotes below!

New vehicle

Olga 24

Once a high end, "Executive" level car, the Olga 24 is a four-door Sedan easily able to reach top speeds on the Chernarussian roads.

New Firearms


The select-fire rifle LAR is used by specialized military forces. It comes with a 20 round magazine, using .308 caliber bullets.

M70 Tundra

The M70 Tundra is a bolt-action hunting rifle using .308 caliber ammunition.

New & improved weapon attachments

  • Usable backup iron sight of the ATOG
  • Compensator for the Mosin 91/30
  • Mini Sight (small red dot)
  • RVN sight
  • Individual zeroing of iron sight and telescopic sight for compatible items


  • Holster and pouch for the plate carrier vest
  • Assault vest and its butt-pack


  • Ability to move slowly while displaying the inventory
  • Better visualisation of the inventory content
  • Proper scaling of items in the hands slot
  • Ability to have containers as an attachment (e.g. pouch on a plate carrier)
  • Various icons and visuals
  • Ability to reorder the inventory containers


  • Possibility to kill an infected in melee hit (e.g. with an axe), from the back
  • Changes to night lighting
  • New Noise indicator to encourage stealthy gameplay

In addition, the update includes 100+ fixes and general gameplay improvements - read the full patchnotes on our official DayZ Forums. Xbox One players can look forward to downloading the update by the end of April.

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