DayZ - Update 1.21

DayZ update 1.21 has just been released on all platforms! We’ve got something unique for you this time around because we’re traveling back to medieval times! What does that mean exactly? Let’s dive right in and find out.

We’re introducing the crossbow in this update, which happens to be DayZ’s first ever spring-powered weapon. The crossbow is a ranged weapon that can shoot deadly bolts and fit a variety of sights and scopes. The bolts are recoverable, though they will suffer a loss in durability every time they hit their target. In case you can’t find your bolt after you’ve shot it, you can always create improvised ones to replenish your supply.

While the crossbow may not be strictly medieval, we’ve scattered an assortment of replicated items and clothing throughout the world that are medieval in theme. We don’t want to spoil the fun by going into specifics, but let’s just say there’s enough variety to equip a survivor knight who’s ready to lay siege on a castle base.

In other update news, fans and winners of last year’s Lights Out event will be happy to learn that the winning flags have made it into the game and can now be found in Livonia.

We’ve also implemented a server log-in delay which occurs while switching between multiple accounts on consoles. We hope this measure will result in a healthier environment overall as it will now be much more time consuming to utilize multiple accounts on one server during a gameplay scenario.

Server owners will surely be busy after this update because proper support for spawning bushes, trees, and rocks has been introduced.

As we announced at the end of April, we’ve decided to wipe characters and server persistence files in order to freshen up the experience and facilitate central economy adjustments on the official servers. The wipe is not mandatory for community servers.

If you’d like to learn more about update 1.21, you can find a list of all the changes on our official forums (Steam, Consoles).

We hope you enjoy this latest update and wish you many great adventures!

Published on by Bohemia Interactive & DayZ team