New Bohemia Interactive Forums online

We are proud to announce that New Bohemia Interactive Forums have been successfully migrated to the new, fresh and shiny forum engine without any serious data loss. Because of this completely different forum engine, encrypted passwords could not be
carried over from the old forums. To keep your old accounts, you will
have to reset the password at first following these steps:

User Account Password Recovery

  1. Go to this Lost Password Recovery Form page

  2. Fill your e-mail address used for your original account

  3. Check your e-mail for Password Reset link and visit the page.

    Your password will be reset, and the new password will be

    emailed to you.

  4. Check your e-mail again for your new password.

  5. With your account name and new password received, follow the link
    to log in and change your password back to the old one if you want.

For any other possible issues you might experience, continue reading this article or go directly to the User Account Password Recovery Manual thread at new Official Bohemia Interactive Forums.

Possible issues:

  1. Your signature might be broken and shows HTML code tags literally.

    Reason: During the migration most of the HTML tags in signatures
    have not been converted because raw HTML is disabled in both the
    article and signature fields for security reasons.

    Solution: Log in and use your User Control Panel to correct your signature using BBCode instead of HTML.

  2. Your avatar image is missing.

    Reason: User avatars have been lost during the forum migration.

    Solution: Log in and use your User Control Panel to change your avatar.

  3. You lost your old e-mail address and can't receive new password.

    Solution: Register yourself as a new user and contact moderators who can change your old account details.

    You will be asked probably for some details to prove yourself being the owner of the old user account.

  4. After Password Reset procedure you receive new password with different user name you expected.

    Reason: In past, you registered more than one account using the same e-mail address on old Bohemia Interactive forums.

    Solution: Log in using the user name and password you received,
    contact moderators with a request to disable this old account. After
    this, go through the Lost Password recovery procedure again.

Please, note that our moderators will be probably very busy while all
the migration issues are being handled and their response could take some
time. So, please, be patient.

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