Take On Helicopters Community Preview Launched!

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As the Take On Helicopters development moves through beta, we're ready to start letting players take a sneaky peek under the hood. To begin with, we're set to offer a limited amount of work-in-progress content to the community, including one of our helicopters, its associated flight-model and the new interactive functionality.

Below, we'll set out in a little more detail what the requirements will be to participate, specify what the content is exactly, and point out some of the particulars that we're looking for in terms of feedback!

Basic Info

What? Take On Helicopters - Community Preview (Downloadable)
Right now! Plus, periodic automatic updates
Who? Owners of Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead
How? Download from our website


At launch, you'll find one of our light helicopters and a short check-point flight scenario. This is supported by a range of tech, including a variant of the new flight model, an IK pilot, interactive switches, and much more besides! Check out the project's website for more details, and a link to the download.

Experience Takistan from a new perspective... ...with new engine technology supporting... ...a brand new helicopter gameplay experience!

We're striving to regularly update this preview, by providing fixes and new features, partly in response to the community's valued feedback. More importantly, this release will allow enthusiastic modders to already get their hands on some exciting new technologies and start planning their custom content.

Picture-in-Picture, saving & loading to user profile, rope simulation and the new flight model are just a few of the technologies available. Keep in mind, however, that there will be a great many improvements, fixes and changes leading up to the official release, so any content you create now may need changes later.

Important: these releases are very much work-in-progress (wip) and do not feature final content. We’ll try to list major known issues, but if you are not willing to deal with wip features, bugs or instability, please do not try these releases and wait for the game to be finished!


To participate, you'll need to own and have installed a retail copy of Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and, ideally, a burgeoning passion for helicopter gameplay!

More information regarding installation and mod compatibility can be accessed from the download's 'Read Me'.


We're looking for a range of feedback, from specific stability problems and compatibility issues to more subjective thoughts regarding the performance of the flight model, and some of the new gameplay features included in the preview build.

Specific issues are best kept in check on the Community Issue Tracker, while you're encouraged to post and discuss a range of topics on our Community Preview Forum.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy this early peek of the exciting new developements in progress with Take On Helicopters!

Team Take On

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