VBS2 to become a new training game in the US Army

Virtual Battlespace 2

VBS2™ is to become a new training simulator game to be used in the US Army, dubbed "Game After Ambush" (VBS2 is supposed to replace previously used video game "DARWARS Ambush" that is also based on Bohemia Interactive's technology), that will allow soldiers to drive virtual vehicles, fire virtual weapons and pilot virtual unmanned aerial vehicles in combat situations. The contract for "Game After Ambush" was awarded late December '08 to software developers Laser Shot, of Texas, Bohemia Interactive, of the Czech Republic, and Australia-based Calytrix Technologies.

VBS 2 screenshot VBS 2 screenshot VBS 2 screenshot

Download new exclusive screenshots of US Army entities in VBS2 from the official website. You may copy, use and distribute any of these images providing that the VBS2 logo and copyright information remains clearly visible on your reproduction.

In VBS2™, the latest military grade training program based on Bohemia Interactive's computer games, participants operate as virtual entities that may use personal weapons, drive vehicles, operate weapons stations, fly aircraft and even board and pilot ships. Any weapon platform or sensor, from UAVs and ground surveillance radar through to artillery can be modeled to varying degrees of fidelity in the flexible VBS2™ game engine


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