Vigor Chronicles: Isolation - Season 18

Hei Outlanders,

We're here with the first update of 2024, and we couldn't be more excited about the additions it holds! Are you brave enough to survive the harsh cold? Are you prepared to deceive your enemies in order to escape in one piece? This time around, you can look forward to a chilling Battle Pass full of winter military cosmetics, the long-awaited Smoke Grenade as a new consumable, the new Eikevjen Shootout map, and much more! So let's get down to business shall we?

Unfold the Chronicles and embrace your isolation!

This is the first time we've introduced a winter/snow season with military cosmetics. We felt that right now would be the perfect time to introduce another winter season and combine it with some military aesthetics. So you can look forward to creating your own winter soldier and blending in with the snowy environment in the Outlands.

But besides the chilling cosmetics, the Battle Pass also holds the M14 Assault Rifle! It's been another long-requested weapon by our community, and we're thrilled we finally managed to add it in this update. But wait! The M14 isn't the only weapon you'll find in the Battle Pass. We've also added the new V4 Viper knife (it's been a while since we added a melee weapon, right?).

Holy Smoke! A New Grenade Lands In The Outlands

You've asked, and we've delivered! Smoke Grenades have arrived in the Outlands! This new consumable is gonna bring a plethora of gameplay changes to Encounters. You can choose to be tactical and throw a smoke grenade to confuse your enemies while you pick them out one by one. Or you can use it as a last resort to escape an ambush. It's all up to you on how you want to use the Smoke Grenade, and we really hope you'll enjoy it and manage to deceive your opponents.

Say "Hei" To Our New Maze!

A brand-new map is out with this update! Eikevjen, as teased during the Christmas celebrations, makes its debut in Vigor as a Shootout map. What's truly unique about this map is the hay maze located at the center, complete with a sewage system. This is also a first with regard to map design, and we hope you'll have lots of close combat thrills in the maze!

Melee Improvements Are Here!

Now don't get us wrong. By melee improvements, we don't mean a complete melee overhaul like the one the community has been asking for. But we have made some significant improvements that should make knives and weapons more fun and viable. We've added another animation when swinging your knife at the enemy and made the animations a bit faster. We also slightly increased the swing range and made the collisions a bit bigger, so it's easier to actually hit your enemies. Another important tweak we made is the fact that now swinging your weapon in melee is affected by where your character is looking. So you can now also cut your enemies who are in the prone position by looking at them!

Become The Ghost Of The North

One shot is all it takes. Your sights are perfectly aligned with your unsuspecting prey as you hold your breath. The bullet finds its mark with unparalleled precision. No one will find a single footstep in the snow. You are long gone. Don your camouflage, oil your trusty rifle, and become the Ghost of the North, the unseen death, the living legend.

This pack includes:

  • Recon Outfit (Ghost of the North)

  • Infiltrator Hood (Ghost of the North)

  • Winter Scout Wrapping (Arctic White)

  • Alpinist Backpack (Summit Expedition)

  • Trailblazer Gloves (Summit Expedition)

  • 5x L96 + 100x ammo (7.62x51 NATO)
    • Taiga Bush Skin for L96
  • 5x FG 42+ 200x ammo (7.92x57 Mauser)
    • Snow Scrim Skin for FG 42
  • 5x Remy M870 + 100x ammo (Shotgun Shell)
    • Taiga Bush Skin for Remy M870
  • 10x M14 + 200x ammo (7.62x51 NATO)
    • Deepfreeze Skin for M14
    • Snow White Skin for M14
  • 10x Smoke Grenade
  • 3x Armor Plate
  • 3x Double XP Ticket
  • 5x Insurance Ticket
  • 25x Loadout Ticket
  • 2,000x Crowns

This pack may only be purchased once per account for $69.99 and is available for a limited time.

More Tweaks Are Here!

One change that we hope you'll be happy to see for yourselves is the fact that you can now destroy the Barred House barricades with your weapons and/or explosives!

And one more important note! Legacy Seasons are reaching their grand finale. You can progress through them in Vigor Chronicles: Isolation, but the feature will be disabled with the release of update 19.0, so progression won't be possible starting from that update! You'll retain all rewards earned from leveling up and further details will be shared during this season.

And that does it for this update's blog! We sure hope you'll enjoy all of the content, all of the additions, and we'll be waiting for your feedback across all of our socials. Until then, and as always…

See you in the Outlands.

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Published on by Bohemia Interactive & Vigor team