Ylands Update 1.2: Astonishing Adventures

Ylands has always been an engine for YOUR creativity and now with update 1.2 - "Astonishing Adventures" - we invite you to enhance your game with fantastical creatures and features.

We have decided to upgrade your Ylands toolbox with everything you need to start creating and exploring RPG type games. From the smallest encounters with a lonely golem to epic adventures across monster infested landscapes, we got your creativity covered. Numerous improvements to the Editor and Visual Scripting make sure that YOU can create any adventure you set your mind on - easier and quicker than ever before.

Update 1.2 - "Astonishing Adventures" major features

  • Fantasy assets: we have added numerous new blocks to help you (re)create any fantasy setting you can think of
  • Fantasy compositions: to get your creativity flowing, we have added new fantasy themed compositions to the workshop
  • New creatures: we have added Golems, Goatmen, Wendigos and Woolly Rhinos to the game - use them in your own creations or meet them in an Exploration game
  • Elves: NPCs can now have elvish heads - essentially introducing a brand new race and higher NPC variety to the game
  • Advanced particle editing: change, edit or create brand new particle systems, attach them to weapons or any other elements
  • Editor improvements: we have added many quality of life improvements to the Editor like selecting random versions of an object when placing in the Editor (so you can have randomized forests when placing trees, etc.), snap to terrain, custom UI improvements and more - not to mention massive optimizations done to the terraforming tools
  • Editor additions: new features like the ability to publish your game from within the Editor, the ability to add text, numbers and even images emitting from entities and much more
  • Platform improvements: the ability to create 20 person multiplayer games or single player games with persistent data saved across sessions
  • Numerous fixes: the ability to turn off persistent avatars (after a player left the server) and countless bug fixes and improvements

As you can see, we have packed update 1.2 full with features that will put some magic into all your adventures in Ylands. For more detailed information about the changes and additions, head over to our forums - we would love to hear your feedback!

Exploration Pack sale

To celebrate the release of udpdate 1.2 and to make it easier to go and explore the big virtual unknown, the Exploration Pack (which unlocks the Exploration game mode, a unique pet & costume and 4800 Coyns) will be 25% off for an entire week!

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Until next time, stay classy!

The Ylands team

Published on by Márton Magyar