Ylands Update 2.2 – Tremendous Techtree

Ahoy Ylanders,

It is finally here! We know, we know, it's been a while and sorry about that, but we think the major improvements and over 200 fixes, additions, and tweaks are worth the wait! Before you skip to those long-requested features, let us thank you for sticking with us in 2023, you are making wonders in Ylands! Let's see what Update 2.2: Tremendous Techtree has brought for you!

Tech Tree

Tired of randomly exploring the world to find specific recipes? So were we. But now, we're introducing a much better way to get them - The Tech Tree! Finally, you can take technological progress into your own hands and be in charge of advancing through the tree and helping it grow.

Wanna know more specifics about the Tech Tree? Go see this Dev Diary:

Handbook rewards

Handbook is great, but everything can be improved. That's our mindset in a nutshell, so what is the Handbook improvement? Rewards for you! Some of these rewards will be useful in your journey and some are Handbook exclusive. One of the exclusive rewards is a C.A.G. avatar frame that can be claimed only by helping Reginald Elmwood with his assignment. What are some of the other rewards? Go open up your Adventurers Handbook and find out!

Compass improvements

Behold! A brand new never-disappearing compass found its way to Ylands. Storm, fog, night or the brightest sunshine - worry not! With its updated visual, the new compass will always help you find your way... or cave entrances, as those too are marked on the compass from now on. (Our miners reported dozens of hours saved when looking for resource deposits.)

Avatar frames

Wanna treat yourself by getting an exclusive look for everyone to see? A whole new section of the shop is here and with it an immense dose of style! Choose yours and show it off for all Ylanders to see!

Proximity chat

Yeah, every game has some kind of voice chat, but where is the immersion? In close proximity. So, make sure to test this new feature out with your closest friends! At least in the Adventure mode, where you can only hear each other when relatively nearby. But worry not, when playing in Creative, you can hear each other regardless of how far apart you are.

Mobile aim assist

Yet another thing you've been asking for quite often. Here it is! Better aim for mobile users. Pew! Pew! Pew!

Are you curious about other new features, fixes and additions? See the Changelog for update 2.2 HERE.

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Published on by Bohemia Interactive & Ylands team