Report In! - Interview with Karel Mořický, senior designer

Report In! - Karel Mořický :: The PittFirst up in our new 'Report In!' series, a discussion with one of Bohemia Interactive's senior designers, and some exclusive 'behind the scenes' images have been declassified and are ready for immediate analysis!

We're often asked to let some of our people talk about what it's like to develop a game at BI. So, stepping aside from our usual PR activities for a moment, 'Report In!' gives you a more personal perspective on our team, and a more detailed look at the way we go about our work. First up is Karel Mořický, senior game designer at Bohemia Interactive, who discusses the powerful Mission Editor, explains what it's like developing games a Bohemia Interactive, and drops a couple of hints about an as-yet-unannounced addon for Arma2: Operation Arrowhead!

New A2OA video declassified!

ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead Next up in the series of video updates introducing the unique features of Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead is the High Command tutorial video, which showcases one of this unique mil-sim's lesser-known - but exciting - gameplay features.

The walkthrough provides a sneak peek at the tutorial available in-game and demonstrates the simplicity of commanding larger groups of units; issuing direct orders, setting waypoints and conditions, and assigning the behaviour of groups of units. Getting to grips with the simple command interface is important, and doing so reveals an entirely distinct type of gameplay experience.